Benz, Pirlot, Curtice, DeVillers


Deep fried Kosher pickles

I picked deep fried Kosher pickles because Russ Feingold is Jewish and the appetizer must comply with Jewish rules. It fits the appetizer because Feingold discusses what it was like the night before the morning of 9-11. He goes about his every morning routines before he goes to work and the chaos that will be explained later in the book, which fits what a appetizer is.

Main Dish

Jail bait spaghetti

I chose this because the (the main character) Piper had to go to prison for 15 months for drug smuggling. So, the importance of this is that food like jail spaghetti is all she will be able to eat for 15 months of her life. Piper is from Manhattan in the US therefore she has american culture.

Side Dish

Hot Dogs

I chose Hot Dogs because in The Glass Castle the main character Jeannette made hot dogs on the stove when she was three years old. Her mother is carefree and lets her children do whatever they want. Jeannette burned herself and went to the hospital. She was suppose to stay their for weeks but their family was always moving to new cities. One day when she was in the hospital her dad came in and took Jeannette out of the hospital even though he wasn't suppose to. Even after being burned she still loved making Hot dogs and wasn't afraid of fire.


Butter and Sugar "it taste like frosting"

Jeannette Walls description of her family life in The Glass Castle is one of a very harsh existence. Her and her sister ate nothing but butter and sugar when her parents could not afford to feed them. Butter or margarine and sugar are two "food items" that are not that all to expensive. This can reflect Jeannette's scarce upbringing and the culture she was surrounded by during her childhood.