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Issue 5

Apr. 27, 2017

Words of Inspiration

"You are made to make a difference, so embrace every opportunity to do so." ~ @DavidRoads

Six Weeks Reflections

We are in our final six weeks of this school year, and it's a great time to reflect on how our year has gone and what you think might benefit your child next year, whether it's here at Neff or at one of our high schools.

Talk to your kiddos about their favorite classes and teachers and ask them why it's their favorite. And, then ask them what their least favorite class/teacher was and why. I'm sure you'll hear a lot of "the class is boring," or "the teacher is mean."

A lot of times the class that is their least favorite is the one they struggle with the most, even if your child is an "A" student. Or, their least favorite teacher is someone who is strict and structured and doesn't let students get away with anything. This is the perfect reason to get your children to understand the importance of perseverance and not giving up. They often times think if something is too hard, it's easier to just stop trying and start being disruptive in class. It's also the perfect opportunity to talk to your child's teacher and find out what's really going on. And, of course, you are always welcome to shadow your child and see what their day is like.

Being a middle schooler is one of the hardest things for children to go through. They either take it all in stride and have positive experiences. Or, they feel overwhelmed with the classes, number of students/teachers, homework, activities, etc. that they shut down. Some also find the wrong crowd to hang out with, which results in bad choices. It's crucial that you keep lines of communication open with everyone (teachers, admin., counselors, nurse, and your child), so you can stay involved.

I've even changed the way I talk to my own daughters. I used to always ask how school was and always got the same answer, "fine." Then, I had to ask a lot more questions just to find out about their day. I decided I'm going to start asking, "What was your favorite part of today?" I get so much more information about what they learned (and didn't learn), and I also hear any issues going on with friends and peers, which I appreciate.

Don't let middle school scare you...eventually your child will realize their behavior, moods, attitude, and immaturity was a phase. : ) They'll be ready to move on to their next chapter in life, and they will remember how you stood by them through their ups and downs and didn't give up on them.

Happy Spring!

: ) Mrs. Correa

Dates to Remember

5/1-5/5 Teacher Appreciation Week

5/1 Algebra EOC

5/3 Athletic Awards 6 pm @ MHS

5/5 Early Release

5/8-5/11 STAAR Testing (closed campus)

5/12 Progress Reports go out

5/13 Together We Sing

5/14 Mothers' Day

5/16 Choir Concerts 6:30 pm

5/17 NJHS Induction Ceremony 6:30 pm

5/18 PTA mtg. & screening of "Screenagers" 6-8 pm

5/19 8th gr. Dance 6-8 pm

5/23 Band Concerts 6 pm

5/24 Camp Neff Parent Mtg. 5:30 pm (for incoming 6th graders)

Theater Arts Performance 7 pm

5/25 Orchestra Concert 6 pm

5/26 6th gr. Acad. Awards 8:30 am

7th gr. Acad. Awards 9:30 am

5/29 Memorial Day Holiday

5/31 No Referral Picnic

6/1 Last Day of School

8th gr. Field Day 10 am-1:30 pm

8th gr. Acad. Awards/Slide Show 2 pm

Administrators' Corner

  • We continue to have issues with social media and what students are posting. Please monitor your child's activity on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Kix, Snapchat, text messages and any other social media they may have. Talk to them about being careful what they say/post because it never disappears and it could affect their academic future in middle school, high school and college.
  • Don't hesitate to call your grade level administrator to get clarification on anything your children might be telling you about their day. We all know by the time the story makes it home to you, it may have grown into a bigger deal than it actually was. We are very transparent and will give you as much information as we can, without sharing student names and/or information.
  • As we near the end of the year, please make sure your children are wearing their grade level uniforms. Baseball caps, jeans, non-uniform shirts are not allowed, unless otherwise specified.
  • Please make sure to drop your students off by 8:20 in the morning, so they aren't late to their 1st period classes. And, don't forget, you can't check students out after 3:20 pm.
  • STAAR Testing will happen from 5/8-5/11, so the campus will be closed to visitors. Please do not schedule any appointments on these days because students will be testing the majority of the day. We also will not be able to deliver lunches or any other items to students on these days.

PTA Corner

Please see below for our PTA website, Remember, you can now join our 2017-2018 PTA for only $6.

Thank you!

Counselors' Corner

Please make sure your students get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast on their STAAR test days. These tend to be long days for them, so we want to make sure they have enough energy to do well and not get tired.

You should be receiving a copy of your child's list of classes that he/she will be taking next year. Please review it and contact your grade level counselor for any changes by June 1, 2017.


  • Thank you to all our parents who have volunteered in some way on our campus. We appreciate everything you all do to make sure our students and staff are supported. Don't hesitate to continue volunteering because we love having you on campus!
  • Kudos to all our students who participated in sports, UIL, GT events, academic nights, community service and peer mentoring. You all did a great job in representing our school and we thank you for helping us shine!

A Big Thank You to Ms. Kuivenhoven & our Garden Club for Taking Care of Ashley's Garden

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