Makayla Horton

Future Veterinarian & Rehabilitator of domestic animals

Career Introduction

Makayla Horton, I'm a hard worker that strives for greatness. Dedicated to the rehabilitation and or well being of animals. Prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure an animals health. I am fairly young at only 17 years of age yet age doesn't affect the maturity nor the ability of my understanding. A great addition to your school/workplace I offer a friendly personality. Creatively I could help to offer new ideas ,and even work to improve other ideas.

Below is my resume :

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Creativity on display

To the right is a picture of a presentation I created on . This presentation demonstrates my ability to creatively present information in a way that is beneficial to all. The link is below feel free to view it.


Above is my Portfolio Presentation. It is a basic overview of my academic accomplishments, assignments, and goals.

Recent activity...

Recently I've been working hard in my community by raising money for a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. Visit the link to learn more about my cause and how you can help.

the link is :