Royal Proclamation of 1763

Wars were getting big, but not now!! Thanks to the writer!!


Remember when your teacher touched your hair? Well you should have to feel the annoying feeling that people felt back then before the proclamation of 1763 was made.The Royal Proclamation was made when everyone got furious about everyone crossing their lands. Then when the French and Indian war or in other words the Seven Year War. The Proclamation was made. The Proclamation would say economical politics. Like how much acres they would get, and governmental politics about where they could go and where they can’t go. They knew what they need to do with the proclamation they knew what to put on it to make no more wars.

Paragraph 2

The role of slavery was huge. After the Seven Year War everything has changed. In fact there weren't as many slaves then there was. The african-americans were not treated as bad as they were treated.

Paragraph 3

The House of Burgesses has most of the economic structures right in that house. The other economical politics was not really important it was all you can’t do this you can’t do that. But the most important thing about the House of Burgesses was the stuff that went on in there. They had serious conversations about what needed to happen, getting ready for many things.

Paragraph 4

In the same words, the true impact on the the Royal Proclamation of 1763 is to make people safe and not to cause violence. Also the Proclamation helps people not make mistakes and cause wars because someone went into another tribe/colonies' land.


The Proclamation then turns into the Declaration of independence for nowadays. This is how the Royal Proclamation turns into something big. It helps in every way back then that is why we don’t have any more wars and battles in the nowadays because of the Royal Proclamation of 1763 in other words we have peace no wars.