Reading and Writing Portfolio

1st 9 weeks

Voices of modern culture

  • Cultural expectation shapes,impacts, and influences the perception of the world because people can change their cultural traditions in order to fit into that expectation. People will also do the most to meet these expectations of what a certain expectation is.
  • Voice influences the contexts of writing because depending on the voice the reader can interpret the text a certain way.
  • The most influential idea I've learned thus far is that people have their own culture and their culture can influence other people and change the way they live their lives. the traditions and cultures that you think are only original to you family could also be a part of someone else's.


I am Proud of myself for the first 9 weeks of English Pre-AP. The work I did is a lot better than its ever been. The poems I have created makes me proud I have grown as a writer and seen improvements even though its only been nine weeks!


My goals for Next semester is to turn in my work on time and to continue to work hard everyday.