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Friday, November 26, 2021

Communication Card

If you would like to share your praises, prayer requests, leave a comment about how you've been impacted recently or if you have a question about something you've been thinking about, please click here.

Participate in Discipleship

Would you like to walk with someone in the First Principles of following Jesus? Are you willing to serve the body by leading in corporate prayer, reading scripture, praying with those who come to the altar on Sundays? If so, click here.

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What Is True Worship?

It’s a sweltering, dusty day somewhere in the Middle East, and Jesus is thirsty. He sits down at a well to wait for a woman from Samaria he’s never met.

Give me a drink.

It’s a simple request. But those four words cross religious, ethnic, and moral lines that have been in place for generations. The woman is dumbfounded.

How is it that you, a Jew, ask for a drink from me, a woman of Samaria?

She has good reason to wonder. In the eighth century BC, Assyria conquered the Samaritans and brought in idolaters from other nations to intermarry with them. Since that time, the rest of the Jews have viewed Samaritans as half-breeds, religious mutts. They are people you avoid, not pursue. They use an edited Bible and worship God at a different temple.

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Christmas Baskets for Refugee Families in Northeast Kansas City

Crossroads has committed to show generosity and love by adopting 10 international families with Christmas baskets. These are families who have fled to the US as Refugees and have been resettled here in Northeast Kansas City. We are partnering with our Global Partners REFUGE KC to assist these families. You have the option to -

  1. Sign up for an entire family and provide ALL contents and the basket
  2. Sign up for one or multiple items for an individual family or across multiple families.
  3. Sign up to provide a monetary donation to purchase items for these baskets.

Serve Afghani Families Arriving in Kansas City!

We are looking for volunteers to serve our new American neighbors arriving here in Kansas City through gospel-centered ministries of mercy. Currently, they are all residing in a hotel in North Kansas City while the resettlement agency works on helping them find homes and jobs. We get the privilege of providing fun things for them to do to help them acclimate to our country and city. Most of them are coming from a 3- month stay at a military base...prior to that, the only place they've known is Afghanistan. Here's how you can help:

  1. Join in providing fun activities onsite for the children.
  2. Bring your children to play and engage with their children.
  3. Join in taking groups on tours of the city - The Plaza, City Market, Crown Center, etc.
  4. Join in being a language partner in helping an adult learn some basic English.

If you're interested in coming alongside Pastor Darryl to do any of these things, please see Pastor Darryl.

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Sunday, November 28th

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Offering the following 2 courses for ages 6th grade and up


  • Discipleship is not just another Bible study...it's not just talking about your struggles and victories, it's not just encouragement or accountability. Discipleship is intentionally learning AND applying the First Principles...the teachings of Jesus. It's NOT a program. It's a process...and it ALWAYS produces fruit in the lives of the givers and the receivers.
  • Discipleship 101 will be a 6-week training for all those who are interested in making disciples that make disciples. We will be equipping you with the tools you need to confidently train (disciple) someone begin to walk in the First Principles of following Jesus. This is a GREAT ASSIST for those who already making disciples and those who would like to start.
  • There is a study guide involved so advanced registration is required to begin the Track with the equipping materials. Click Here To SignUp or go to Groups: Crossroads University in Church Center.

6 Habits of Highly Ineffective Believers

In this track, we will explore 6 habits that distract, detract, and diminish the faithful walk of believers.

Click Here To SignUp or go to Groups: Crossroads University in Church Center.

Kidz 5th grade and down...

Kidz Worship Makers will be available as usual during the 9:30 Crossroads University session for kiddos aged Kindergarten thru 5th grade. The nursery will be open for babies 0-23 months and the toddler room will be open for kiddos 24 months thru preschool aged.

Sunday, December 5th

Wednesday, December 8th

Friday, December 10th

Crossroads' Movie Night!!!

On Friday, December 10th, join your Crossroad's family for another great movie night! We're showing Christmas with the Chosen at 7pm in the Worship Center. We'll have concessions available for purchase including nachos, popcorn, theater-style candy, and soda with all proceeds going to the Building Fund. Use the link below to purchase your tickets while using your discretion when buying tickets for your kiddos. Please only purchase tickets for those who will watch the movie.

Click here to purchase tickets.

Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers - Official Trailer

Sunday, December 12th

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Kidz Worship Makers Practice Schedule

I would like to have a special practice with our actors this Saturday at 9:00am. This includes Noah, Millie, Lillian, Sawyer, Maximus, Olive, and Aubriella. At 10:00am I would like to include the bell players to this list which would then include Ethan, Bailey, Anna, and Evelyn to our actors. We will be done by 11:00am. Please let me know if you are unable to have your kids there. Thank you.

Please put on your calendar now some special practices for December. December 4th I would like to have another practice with our actors at 9:00 am and add our bells at 10:00 am. We should end at 11:00 am that morning.

Then on December 11th for our dress rehearsal, I would like all actors and soloist to be there at 9:00. Elementary age choir there at 10:00 and our preschool at 11:00. Please make every effort to have your kids here for these practices. Thank you!


Sunday, December 19th

Friday, December 24th

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Save These Important Dates That Are Coming Up Through The Rest Of The Year!!!

  • Saturday, November 27th: Decorating the Big House for the Christmas Season
  • Saturday, December 4th: Kidz Worship Makers Practice: Actors @ 9am, Bells @ 10am
  • Sunday, December 5th: Ladies Christmas Luncheon
  • Wednesday, December 8th: MidWeek Dinner
  • Friday, December 10th: Crossroads Movie Night - Christmas with The Chosen
  • Saturday, December 11th: Kidz Worship Makers Practice: Actors/Soloists @ 9am, Elementary @ 10am, Preschool @ 11am
  • Sunday, December 12th @ 6:00 pm: Kidz Christmas Musical
  • Sunday, December 19th @ 9:30am: Breakfast with the Ekklesia
  • Friday, December 24th @ 5:00pm: Hot Cocoa Bar/Eggnog/Christmas Treats before The Well: Christmas Edition
  • Friday, December 24th @ 6:00pm: The Well: Christmas Edition
  • Sunday, December 26th: No Ekklesia Hour @ 9:30am
  • Saturday-Sunday, March 4-6, 2022: Crossroads' Men's Warrior Weekend

*Dates are subject to change and more events will be added! We'll keep you informed.


If you have not yet downloaded our church app - CHURCH CENTER - you are missing out. Church Center has it all. As you'll notice on the image above, not only can you...
  1. ...find a Group
  2. ...participate in Group messaging with your Group and Ministry Teams and find contact information for those in your Group
  3. ...support your church, missions and special projects through Giving
  4. ...signup for a variety of special events (like the ones above this message)
  5. ...view an upcoming calendar of events here at Crossroads so you can mark your own calendars
  6. ...view a directory of contacts within the church family and see photos to connect a face with a name
  7. ...pre-check-in on your way to The Big House so you don't have to stand in line at the Check-In Stations

You'll find links to some of the most vital utilities and features you'll need access to in order to fully participate in community here at Crossroads Church

You can find and install Church Center in the App Store of your mobile device or by clicking the image above.

You can also find and bookmark all the Church Center features and utilities in your favorite browser on your computer by CLICKING HERE or by typing https://crossroadsgv.churchcenter.com/ in the search bar.

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Stay Connected to C2

Our Website: http://direction4living.com

General Email: infodesk@direction4living.com

Office Address:

  • 900 NW Jefferson St. - Grain Valley, MO 64029
Mailing Address:
  • Crossroads Church - PO Box 351- Grain Valley, MO 64029

Darryl & Sharon Jones - Elder/Lead Pastor

Bonnie Burns - Pastor Darryl's Admin Assistant

Daniel & Krysten Ballard - Elder/Worship Arts/Student Ministry Pastor

Michael & Summer Hicks / Elder

Please note: the church DOES have a phone line for those outside the church family. We've had the line for the last 22 years and it's good to have for the general public. The church line mostly attracts sales and marketing calls. As a result, it is not monitored very closely.

If you need to contact one of our Staff Pastors or Elders, PLEASE USE THEIR MOBILE NUMBERS WHICH ARE MADE AVAILABLE TO YOU ABOVE. You'll also find this information in the front of your Crossroads Connections notebook. These numbers are not to be given out to the public but are available for your personal use.

Office Hours: 10am-3pm Monday thru Thursday

  • Pastor Darryl Jones is full-time here at the church but isn’t always in the office as ministry happens everywhere. Pastor Darryl and Sharon live here in “The Big House” and try to be very accessible to the church family. However, they do try to protect Friday each week as a day of restorative rest and time together. Click Here to schedule an appointment with Pastor Darryl. Pastor Darryl tries to “unplug” electronically on Fridays but can be contacted through Sharon in case of emergency.
  • Pastor Daniel Ballard is only in the church offices part-time while serving as a full-time EMT for the Odessa Fire Protection District.
  • Michael Hicks is a lay Elder and does not keep office hours. He is self-employed and owns his own company, East Side Electric, LLC.
  • Bonnie Burns is Pastor Darryl’s Administrative Assistant and works in the church offices during office hours.
  • Everyone else who serves our church does so on a volunteer basis—neither receiving compensation nor keeping office hours.

All of that to say - we are here to serve you, but “here” is always relative. Text, email and phone are our friends. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you can’t find us at “The Big House”.

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