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Miss Evan's 5th Grade Holds "Genre Tasting"

When students returned from related arts, they walked into "Book Café." Students were excited to see the classroom transformed into a burger joint. On each group’s table was a tray of books, a menu of different genres, and a list where they would fill in observations and make a book selection. As a timer sounded, students rotated to another table and tasted more books. Students were excited about the opportunity to taste a variety of books, but sad they couldn’t taste each genre. Just like we can't taste everything on the menu the first time we visit a restaurant, students couldn’t taste every genre the first time completing this activity. Students will continue to taste books once a week until all genres have been sampled.



Nevitt Forest is participating in the Read Your Way to the Big Game Reading Contest. Each student in grades K-5 is asked to read 6 reading-level appropriate books, record them on the reading log provided, and return the signed reading log by Friday, Nov. 6, 2015. Each child who completes the log will be entered in a drawing to win four tickets, sideline passes and pre-game activities. Students can choose the team they prefer. Extra copies of the reading log are available in the Media Center.


Scholastic Book Fair will open on Monday, October 19 and run through Friday, October 23. The fair will also be open as a station for our parent night event on October 22. The online fair will run from October 14 - 28. A link for the online fair will be placed on the school webpage.

BOOK IT! read your HEART out

Our Book It program sponsored by Pizza Hut begins this month. Each student will have a reading goal for the month set by the teacher. If the student reaches the goal, he or she will recieve a Book It Certificate for a personal pan pizza. Students may earn one certificate per month. The certificates are valid for 30 days from the issue date. Start reading today!!!
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On Thursday, Oct. 22 we will participate with students around the world in the 10th annual Read for the Record. This year's book is Not Norman: A Goldfish Story by Kelly Bennett.
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