Government and political science instructors

Are you looking for a more effective and engaging way to improve group work in your classroom? Do you want more modern and technological avenues to engage your students while they work with their peers? There are endless programs that can help you with this but these three, in combination, can be used to bring a more modern and captivating learning environment for both you and your students!


When doing group work, Etherpad is a program in which teachers and students can collaborate ideas on web based pads. This word processor allows you and your students to work together on group projects by combining concepts and ideas on a single pad by way of different color fonts and styles. Etherpad will engage your students and make the process of beginning group work much more organized and accessible.

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Vyew is a web based program that enables teams, or groups, to meet virtually through video. This tool will enable your students to meet face to face via webcam to improve their group work and collaborate effectively, without having to enter a classroom! The site also allows you to leave content available for access for a specified time, that way, will be able to add class content and your constructive feedback.

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Debategraph is another web based tool that allows your students to collaborate on more complex topics by using maps and visualization tools. This program is centered on the multifaceted and versatile issues that grip the world when it comes to international and domestic politics. It will allow your students to organize the work they have developed in a more concrete and visual manner that will keep them engaged while learning more than you could ever imagine from a textbook!

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For high school teachers looking to improve their classroom collaboration all while keeping their students interested and involved, these three programs can do just that! All of these programs simply need an email address to set up an account and your classroom experience can be transformed forever! By utilizing today’s technological advances to further your students’ communication and collaboration, you will bring a certain type of ingenuity to your classroom that you never knew could have existed!