Perseverance Newsletter

Julia Boffa


People may ask what is perseverance and others will tell them what they asked for but what we don't know is you can't just describe perseverance like you can describe what a cat is you need to know what it is by having the experience of going through a time when you did persevere. But since i'm sure everyone has persevered even when they were just born i'll tell you what I think it is. Perseverance is something you need to get through those hard times in other words we need it to get through the adversities we face. Popeye couldn't get through missions without his spinach so when you do think about it perseverance to us is like Popeye's spinach to him, we couldn't finish what we started without it.

Eleanor Roosovelt

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Winston Churchill time line

November 30, 1874- The birth of Winston Churchill

1895- Churchill’s Fathers death

1900- Winston Churchill wins a seat in the British House of Commons

May 1940- Churchill begins first term s prime minister

July 5th, 1945- Churchill lost the United Kingdom general election

March 5th, 1946 Churchill gives his famous “Iron Curtain” Speech

1951- Churchill becomes prime minister again

December 10, 1953- Churchill wins the Nobel Prize for literature

1955- Churchill’s retirement

January 24th, 1965- Winston Churchill’s Death


Through all of the adversities that these life changing historical figures did shows how even a woman who used to just be daddy's little princess can become a very important influence, and how a little kid can give us one inspiring message not about him thought but about us. So lets not sit and wait for something to happen here, if you didn't notice some of the most famous people today didn't wait, they did something about it. Lets all make the world a little bit more awesome and remember “A life is not important except for the impact it has on other lives.” - Jack Robinson