TOAST Weekly Newsletter

Week of: 11/10/14-11/14/14

Short but busy week!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a restful and enjoyable weekend with loved ones. We have a short academic week with our scholars, but busy at the same time. We will begin this week working with colleagues in developing, reviewing and revamping learning experiences that meet the needs of our scholars. The members of TLQP will be meeting for the first time with leaders from ASH and Montessori to begin some amazing projects that are geared to enhance scholar engagement and academic success while showcasing leadership within our building. As a building we will be meeting with Colleen Conti to review the glows and grows of the hard work TOAST has been doing with PBIS for our scholars success. The Building Leadership Team has met with the technology department to begin creating a path of collaboration and laser sharp focus of the goals for TOAST and the district as a whole.

This is simply amazing as I sit here and type this out. To think it is only November and TOAST is in full swing, moving forward with an eye on the future, thinking through the necessary steps needed to get there and then executing those steps. There has never been a time to kiss our brains then there is now..;-) With all this said, it is key to remind ourselves that this is not a sprint, but a marathon. As I begin looking into the 2015-2016 school year....yes, I am already looking there....each step we take moves us another step closer to the true magnet school stated on all the wish lists I have from the 2013-2014 school year.

Food for thought: Educational Cliff. Who's Ready to for Change?

The video below is one I have waited to share with all of you. The overall message is something that makes me think of what would innovation in education look like through the eyes of TOAST. What could we do at TOAST that could provide an impact of success for our scholars. What would TOAST look like if we refuse to let our scholars fail? I would love to hear your ideas. If we don't take risks and try to reach our scholars in innovative ways, then we have helped to create the nonsense and perpetuate the cycle of failure. Don't our scholars deserve better? I know they do and I believe you know that too. Watch the video below and send me your thoughts, ideas, innovative thinking.
Geoffrey Canada: Our failing schools. Enough is enough!

A Message from our Reading Specialist!

All RtI Classes are cancelled this week due to progress monitoring for scholars in grades 1-5.

TLQP Meeting at ASH

Monday, Nov. 10th, 3pm

108 Whitehall Rd

Albany, NY

TLQP meeting with all magnet schools and Dr.Dozier!

No School: Veterans Day

Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 8am-2:45pm

Albany City School District, Albany, NY, United States


No school today! Make sure to thank a Veteran!

Another Pep Talk from our Favorite President!

To keep with the theme of this newsletter, I thought adding a pep talk from one of our favorite people was a definite. The overall message of this pep talk goes along with Jeffery Canada's message. Change can not happen unless we commit to it and provide solutions, take risks, encourage each other and support one another when ideas miss the mark. Our scholars and families deserve the best. I truly believe any career in education is a career of servitude. We all chose to work with our scholars and families. Let's choose to be more awesome each day, month and year with the focus on our scholars and families. That is what it is all about! Enjoy the video and have a great week!
Kid President - How To Change The World (a work in progress)