Blytheville Primary School

AMI Day 3 Assignments

Dear Primary Families,

The Blytheville School District is one of many districts across Arkansas that has been approved through the Arkansas Department of Education for use of Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) days to be offered during the 2019-2020 school year. The approval of our AMI plan allows the opportunity for all primary students to continue to be engaged in learning on emergency days or those that weather conditions prevent school from being in session.

Teachers will be available from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM by email. If a teacher does not respond to your email that day, please, send me an email.

Principal Email:

Students will return completed packet of work to their teacher the day we return to school. The completion of all the assignments will count for the student’s attendance for that day. If the work is not returned, the student will be counted absent.

We are excited to be able to offer AMI days. We anticipate that we will learn lessons along the way and make necessary adjustments to improve our AMI plan to best meet the needs of our students. We welcome your feedback and invite you to share information with us about how it is working for your family. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to me directly.

Thank you for your partnership,

Jana Wilson, Principal

Download K-2 AMI Day 3 Packets

Optional Activity: GoNoodle

The majority of our teachers use GoNoodle for brain breaks and when we have inside recess. Because of the times we find ourselves in currently, GoNoodle has created a site for parents to use with their children. Go to where you will find super simple steps to download and use GoNoodle in seconds. You can also download the app on iOS, Android, AppleTV, Fire, or Roku.

From GoNoodle:

GoNoodle is awesome fun for the whole family! We love it when everyone does our dances, sings our songs, and plays GoNoodle together. It’s a daily ritual in most elementary schools across the U.S. (and many around the world) and we think it’s a super fun thing you can do with your little ones every day too! Plus, we have another app called “GoNoodle Games” that is an awesome way to get your kids moving in front of the screen. Sign up for our emails and in the days and weeks ahead, we will send you weekly fresh, fun ideas for you and your kids well-beyond GoNoodle. Sign up to get these on the Good Energy page.

An example of what they have to offer:

Watch the video below: Banana Banana Meatball

**Sing, dance, and make some wacky patterns with this hit Blazer Fresh math video!

Printable Activity: Make Your Own Patterns

Cut out or draw objects to make your own patterns! And check out the Meow Moo Moo video for some more hilarious and fun patterns.

Related At-Home Activities:
Make patterns with objects you have at home like blocks, toy cars, or stickers! Create different pattern challenges for your kids like: “Make the longest patterns you can,” or “Create a pattern with three different colors.”

Banana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle

Other Useful Emails

Assistant Principal - Eileen Garris -

Tenaris After School Director - Holly Jo Engle -

Instructional Facilitator - Michelle Hepler -

Instructional Facilitator - Diane Jenkins -

Counselor - Paige Yawson -

Nurse - Trudy Landry -

Interventionist - Tracy Plunkett -

Speech and Due Process - Melissa Moriarty -

Resource Special Education - Regina Evans -

Self-Contained Special Education - Jessica Redman -


Thank you for working with your child on our day out of school and continuing their learning. Thank you for being our partner in your child's education.
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