Federal Program Updates

November/December 2021


State Compensatory Education Training - Not too late to register!!

Dahlinda Alaniz from TEA is presenting a virtual session on SCE on Dec. 6th. Click here for all of the details including registration information.

ESSA Program Monitoring - Random Validations

The ESSA Program Validations are being done in two phases. Districts selected for Phase 2 validations will be notified December 1, 2021.

TEA will be validating program requirements for:

  • Title I, A Schoolwide Program EdFlex Waiver
  • Title I, D Subpart 2 - Programs for Neglected and Delinquent Children and Youth
  • Private School Equitable Services
  • Title V, Part B - Rural and Low Income School Program
  • Unsafe School Choice Option

TEA will post the requirements and resources for each validation on November 30, 2021on the ESSA Program Monitoring webpage.

Substitute System of Time and Effort - Management Certification Survey Available Now!

If you have employees being paid with Federal Funds and they work on multiple cost objectives, they may be eligible to use this alternate method of time and effort. The USDE has approved a substitute system, allowing eligible employees to submit semiannual certifications instead of monthly PARs. You are encouraged to submit the form before December 1st.

TEA has developed a new, streamlined form and process for LEAs to submit management certification forms for approval. LEAs can access and complete the form at https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/9974650001c9498198c9972e2ac53757.

LEAs must submit a new management certification form to TEA and may do so throughout the year, in accordance with the following submission requirements:

  • If a management certification form is submitted by or before December 1st, approval will be retroactive to July 1st of the same year. Approval will remain in effect for 2 years, to June 30th.
  • If a management certification form is submitted after December 1st, approval will be effective on the date of submission, and will remain in effect for 2 years.

A new request for approval will be required on or before the expiration date, to avoid a lapse in approval. A list of approved LEAs will be posted, updated, and maintained in the List of Approved LEAs section to include approval expiration date. Please allow up to 5 business days from the date of submission for LEA approval to be completed and appear on this list.

TEA Training Opportunity - Back to Basics: Federal Grant Management (Part I) - Still time to register!

The TEA Department of Grant Compliance and Administration announces the launch of its new Back to Basics Training series. This is a multi-part, federal grant management training series with multiple sessions that will be offered through the 2021-2022 school year. While all are invited to attend, training content will focus on basic information that is geared to an audience of new federal grant staff at LEAs and ESCs.

This is a statewide training. It will also be recorded and posted on the Department of Grant Compliance and Administration playlist in TEA's YouTube channel.

The training is on November 19th from 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Federal Program Training - click here to see our schedule

Coming up: Campus Needs Assessment and Improvement Plan Sessions

We are offering the same training on two different dates.

Jan. 31st session is focusing on smaller districts.

Feb. 7th session is focusing on larger districts.

You can attend either date!

21-21 ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application - Errata #3

The changes basically will help streamline how PNP Provisions and Assurances are documented with all of the Title VIII Programs, so that they match. Click here to read Errata #3.

Important Dates

ESSER Funding

ESSER Reminders:

Check out our new webpage with resources! You can locate it through the Federal Programs page on the ESC website, or click this direct link: https://www.esc12.net/page/fp_ESSER

ESSER MOEquity Requirements - visit the TEA Maintenance of Equity webpage for more information.


  • URLs should be posted and correct to include the required postings
    • Use of Funds
    • Return to In-Person and Continuity of Services (RIPICS)
  • Final third allocations should be coming soon (December 2021)
  • Random Validations for Required Postings are currently underway
  • 6 month updates to RIPICS plans are approaching
    • Stakeholder input and public commentary should be ongoing

ESSER Supplemental: For those of you who received the ESSER Supplemental grant, it must also be included in your Use of Funds plan and posted.

Expenditures need to be documented for any ESSER I, II, or III funds used (there are several resources on our webpage for this).

  • Each expenditure should have individual documentation
  • Justify: intent, reasonable & necessary, and allowable use

The ESC team is currently reviewing our districts' ESSER III required postings based on evolving guidance from TEA. You may be contacted with any suggestions or additional guidance in order to help all of you feel confident in your compliance with the expectations. Sample compliance checklists and guidance are also located in the resources on our webpage.

Please feel free to reach out to Danielle Hughes with any questions or additional requests.

Title I, A

Title I, C (Migrant)

Title I, D (Neglected and Delinquent)

Title II, A

Title IV, A

Parent and Family Engagement

Regional Showcase

Parent and Family Engagement Highlights-

ESC Region 12 would love to showcase districts and campuses in our region who are creating memorable moments and/or creative and innovative ways to promote Parent & Family Engagement for their school community. Please send us highlights from your district or campus!

We know there are great things happening in your district. Please take a moment to think about the following:

  • What are some innovative ways your campus/district has provided Parent and Family Engagement opportunities during the pandemic that have generated some success for your school community?

  • What are some recent Parent & Family Engagement success stories from your campus/district you would like to share?

  • Who is someone in your school community you would like to recognize for his or her stellar efforts in regards to Parent & Family Engagement? Please describe how those efforts have positively impacted your school community.

Please share one or more “highlights” from your district!

Use the link below to share one or more “highlights” from your district!


Statewide Parental Involvement Conference (virtual) December 9th and 10th

click here for more information

Statewide Cluster Training - various dates and locations

click here for more information

Resources -

Statewide Parent and Family Engagement Initiative

Best Practices Expos - information about upcoming sessions and resources from previous sessions

The Parent and Family Engagement Connection Newsletters

Equitable Services to Private Nonprofit Schools

Let us help you!

Ellen Hogan ehogan@esc12.net (Title I, Part A, Title I, Part D, Title II, Title IV, PNP, PFE, ESSER)

Dwan Pickens dpickens@esc12.net (Title I, Part A, Title II, Title IV, PNP, PFE, ESSER)

Yolanda Rollins yrollins@esc12.net (Title I, Part A, Title I, Part C, ESSER)

Danielle Hughes danielle.hughes@esc12.net (ESSER, Title I, Part A, PFE)

Heather Wheeler hwheeler@esc12.net (Title IV, Part A)

Carie Downes cdownes@esc12.net (Director of Federal Programs)