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Great Plains

Great plains Region

The Great plains are the biggest plains in the world because all it is, is huge grass plains and flat land for miles. The Great plains also have some small ponds all around the plains thats why it is not always so dry.During the Cretaceous Period (145-65 million years ago), the Great Plains was covered by a shallow inlandsea called the Western seaway.In general, the Great Plains have a wide variety of weather through the year, with very cold and harsh winters and very hot and humid summers.Humans have converted much of the prairies for agricultural purposes or to create pastures. The Great Plains have dust storms mostly every year or so.

TX history Reagions

The great plains are so big and amazing it is endless miles of just green grass and flat land and wildlife. It has a not arid climate but it is a little hot sometimes. The great plains are also the lenth of the great plains is 3,200 km 1,988 miles and the width is 800 km 497 miles, and the area is (501,933 sq mi) WOW. The great plains are preaty big, The great plains is also the only reagion that has a wind mill farm in it. The major cities in the plains is Austin and lobback, and also midland.