Who did it better? Gnomeo or Romeo?

Reviewed by: Preston Thompson

Gnomeo & Juliet review

Ladies and Gentlemen grab your popcorn because this is a movie review you will not want to miss! Gnomeo & Juliet is a kids movie based on the famous Shakespeare play written in 1595 under the name of Romeo & Juliet. Other than the fact Gnomeo & Juliet is a movie about gnomes instead of real people there are actually many similarities.

One of the similarities of the movie and the play is the story line of 2 kids of families in feuds end up falling in love with each other. Another way, they're similiar is a very small thing but the play is based in Verona, Italy and the play is actually based on Verona drive. One other big similarity is that Tybalt the cousin of Juliet dies both in the play and in the movie which is a pretty big conflict in both the play and the movie. Another way they're similiar is that the feud is happening between the families but neither of the families actually know why the feud is happening. One humongous thing also occurs is both the play and the movie is that the feud is lifted between the families.

Although the movie is very similar to the actual play the movie has a few differences; yes the obvious ones were that they were gnomes and that they're animated but there are a few not so obvious things. One thing that is different between the movie and the play is that the parents are actually single and don't have a spouse. Another way they're different is that in the play Juliet fakes her death but in the movie there's nothing even close to that. The last way that the movie is different is that in the end of the movie they live happily ever after but in the play it ends in a great tragedy.

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I give the movie 3 out 5 keys to success.

I rate the movie 3 out 5 keys to success because even though the movie told part of the story to Romeo & Juliet it didn't quite tell the whole story which is very important because the full play of Romeo & Juliet teaches very important lessons that kids could learn from not to lie and such things like that. Although the movie is a movie that I think children and adults could both like because even though its the animations and kids humor it also has Elton John songs and a few hidden adult jokes in there to make it enjoyable for both the adults and the children.