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longitude and latiude

21 N 78 E
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New Delhi
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started : Sometime around 1500 B

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India population was estimated to be 855 million in 1988


Government: India is a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic" with a parliamentary system of government.

India live at

Justice or Madhya Pradesh.

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Several religious centers such as varanas

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Classical dance in India is based on standards laid down by sage.

video food!

India cooking for Beef,Fish,Tandoori Chicken.

video girls for dress
wear Short Kurtis along with jeans and pants..

for men dress video

Bring jeans and heavy shirts India.

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India can say song for dance on india


Independence Day : August 15, 1947 India, Proclaim date


Birthday: National Youth Day is celebrated in India on 12 January on the birthday.


Holidays: Months are off holiday or vacation.


beliefs: The majority of the South Asian population professes Hinduism.