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June 28

What does a librarian do all summer?
We read TWO books every day....HAHAHAHAHA

Seriously, though, we do have some time to catch up and get ahead for fall. Some of us take real vacations, some of us pretend to take vacations (and type newsletters at 7:30 am), and some take time off for less pleasant reasons.

A Couple of Notes for the Week

  • In the next couple of weeks we will need to get the staff evaluations finished. I will work on the H.R. forms and get with each person as soon as we can make that happen with vacation schedules. For the record, I look for them to be pretty quick and clean this year. :-)
  • Carol Bowman (and others, I believe) have been vacationing right here in the Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library - while working on Relay for Life things. Thanks to those who have stepped up to give her a hand with things that she generally does when she is "working". Someday perhaps she will prefer to vacation at the beach. (Not likely, but perhaps).
  • Jessicah Cross is participating in an online Course-ference with Paula on The Future of Libraries. This is a 6 week program in which Paula and Jessicah will be doing readings, watching panel discussions, contributing to chat boards, and preparing ideas for the future of our library as well. More about this later, but it should prove to be an interesting exercise. We may be asking for your input and ideas!
  • July is here, which means reports reports reports. If you generally provide statistics for these, please be pulling them together. Things such as circulation breakdowns, collection breakdowns, spending reports, reserve, instruction, etc. Rest assured that I will be asking in the next few weeks.
  • Meanwhile, I think I will go to Columbus to visit Stephen! :-)

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