Edgar Allan Poe

by Ben Sletto

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was an author and published his first book by age 13. He went to University of Virginia, but he was only provided a third of money he needed. He went back to Richmond and he went to a military academy and after 8 months he got kicked out. He then lived in poverty and at one point he burned his furniture to stay warm. He found a job working for the Messenger. He married his cousin Virginia Clemm.

Edgar Allan Poe's childhood

By the time he was three both his parents had died and he was adopted by a wealthy tobacco family. His real mom had died from tuberculosis, and his dad died from severe drinking. He was being taught to be a business man but he didn't like it so he kept writing books. He went to University of Virginia and found out that his adopted mom got TB., he went back to see but she had died. His life was full of sickness and death because both his moms died of TB, and his wife died of TB too.

Edgar's Work

The Raven was Poe's most significant work. The themes in his life are evident in his works because he had a childhood full of sadness and death and his stories are full of mystery and death. He cemented misconceptions into the public's mind. His death is such a mystery because no one really knows why he died. His stories fall into horror. I think that he wrote the stories he did because his childhood was full of horrifying things.
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