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Issue 5, 24 April 2020

Principal's News

Week 2 of the Term we never would have guessed!

A school without students is an eerily quiet place to be! As we continue to function with the isolation regulations in place I find myself reflecting on the things that I miss about life before Covid-19 and the things that perhaps I don't. Forced change is difficult to navigate for some and for many, added challenges have been placed upon us as well.

Are there things that you are missing? What are the things that you are not missing?

I'm missing a school full of staff and students, I am missing the regular routines of our family that involve all being at work and school, I am missing coffee with my cycling buddies but I am not missing the over crowded schedules we had filled with meetings and events. I am also not missing having God in my life. This time has been a reminder for me of the strength i can draw from His word and His love, whether it is at home in isolation or as i do my quick solo trip to grab essential supplies. God is with us and for us through anything.

May His love guide you in this challenging time.

Eloise Beveridge

ANZAC Day 2020 'Light the Dawn'

ANZAC Day will look a little different to what we are used to this year however it doesn't mean that we cannot join in paying our respects. The RSL have invited residents, Australia wide, to 'Light the Dawn' on Saturday morning at 6am.

We encourage our TLC families to join in. Let's all help 'Light the Dawn' as together we observe a minutes silence and remember those who have served and sacrificed.

Send us a photo or video through FB messenger or of your family commemorating ANZAC Day 2020.

COVID-19 - Updates

Thank you to our families for your incredible efforts with remote learning. We know that your family is walking your own unique journey based on the circumstances in your household at this point in time, and finding how learning from home fits in there is another challenge to overcome. Well done to you all for making the best of the situation! Please continue to contact your teachers with any questions or for any support, we are here to help our students and families.

From feedback our staff are hearing in our check in calls to families this week we would like to remind you of the following:

  • Use the daily / weekly overviews as a guide. The work can be done on any day throughout the week at any time.
  • Home Learning will look different to school learning, students wont be sitting and working at a screen or desk for the full day; breaks are important and necessary for well being.
  • If your child is really into a particular learning task don't stop them because there is another subject to work on, finish what they are doing and then move to the other subject.
  • If your family needs a day or two break, take it. The well being of everyone is important at this time.
  • Learning is designed to be flexible and adaptable for your home while maintaining the academic rigor our students know to expect.

I would also like to thank our amazing staff for their incredible efforts to transition and adjust to remote learning.

Our Library is opening again !

TLC library is pleased to announce the opportunity for families and students to restart borrowing from Monday, 27 April. This can be done in two ways:

1. Pre-prepared Book Pack varieties collected from the front office during office hours

  • ‘SURPRISE’ pack
  • Age-group novels
  • Age-group mixed pack
  • Picture books only
  • Personalised orders (via DOJO or phone)

2. Personal visit and selection from the library

  • Library is open for borrowing from Monday – Thursday 1.30-3.30pm
  • A limit of 2 students/families at any one time
  • Sanitising station available
  • Social distancing will be practised

Please note

1. Please return library books from home on arrival

2. Borrowing limits have been extended

3. All books will be cleaned after being return

Happy Reading

Mrs. Rhodes

Zoom Lessons

Students will participate in live Zoom lessons from next week, we apologise for the delay in this process, Zoom have been inundated with subscription upgrades and as such have had longer than usual upgrade times.

Teachers will share the scheduled times with your children in their weekly overview (Primary - for the class, Secondary - for the subject).

To connect to the Zoom lesson - students need to click on the link that teachers will send to students 10 minutes before their scheduled lessons. ** If working on an iPad or phone students will need to have downloaded the app prior to the meeting. Laptops and desktops will work directly from the link sent.

To ensure maximum security for our students and staff each live lesson will be locked 5 minutes after the scheduled start time. Students who have not joined the meeting by this time will need to watch the recorded lesson at a later time.

Our student protocols for participating in Zoom lessons are published on TLC@home and included below. Please ensure you discuss these with your children as any breach of policy is reportable.

We cannot wait for further face to face connection with our students!

Big picture

Student Attendance

We thank our families for following the State Government advice and keeping children home who can learn from home. We appreciate that this advice can cause angst and some challenges for all but the curve has certainly flattened and the outcome very positive for Victoria.

We ask families to continue to please follow state advice, the quicker we can maintain the flattened curve the quicker we can all return to school.

The responses to the weekly survey are greatly appreciated as this is allowing us to ensure appropriate supervision is in place for those children where it is needed. Thank you.

Why does Remote Learning look this way?

You may recall reading in our College communication about remote learning that we talked about the different components to the most successful approaches to remote learning. With reference to research and data from international locations working remotely for some time now, a blended approach of Synchronous (real-time) and Asynchronous (self-paced) learning has the greatest student outcomes, creating the most personalised learning experience for all.

As learners, some students thrive with one-on-one attention while others crave the space to work through problems independently at their own pace. When at school, our learning programs will always include this mix of instruction.

Synchronous (real time) Learning includes opportunities for:

· students to demonstrate their knowledge and practice their communication skills

  • students to ask questions to deepen their understanding
  • students to build relationships with their teacher and fellow classmates
  • teachers to engage students in discussions, problem solving, and group projects
  • teachers to focus on bridging skills gaps
  • lessons can be recorded, making them available as asynchronous materials to reinforce learning or accommodate students unable to attend

Asynchronous Learning includes the opportunity for:

  • students to learn at their own pace, place, and peak times (family flexibility)
  • students to work at their own level, moving as quickly or slowly as needed
  • review concepts and explicit teaching as often as needed
  • explore resources that may be unavailable in the traditional classroom

Together, these two approaches provide teachers and students the best of real-time and any-time learning. In a contemporary world our students increasingly need to be able to move smoothly between synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Now that our families and students have navigated asynchronous learning we are excited to add the synchronous opportunities!

Home Meals from the Heart

Have you tried a Home Meal from the Heart? Our Canteen staff are offering take home hearty meals that are prepared fresh daily. Use the button below to see the flyer and order form.

Home Meals from the Heart Flyer and Order form

Orders to be placed by Monday at 9am each week

Application for Enrolment

First step to enrolment at Trinity is to complete the Application for Enrolment and return to the College with accompanying documents and pay the $33.00 application fee.