March 2022

Coordinator's Corner

"Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results." - John Dewey

While spring is absolutely not in the air, it very much IS, in regard to the end of the school year. Many educators across the country are battling "senioritis" with all of their glory. I'm not arrogant or oblivious enough to state that we don't observe symptoms of this issue with our current seniors. However, what we do see is that when you fully endorse what Mr. Dewey said in the quote above, students stay more engaged while in their final months of spending time in our community. If you were to walk into the program today, you'd see our healthcare students engaged in building their relationships with senior citizens from the area assisted living centers, education students spending time in the classroom with our youngest learners, future entrepreneurs developing companies, and other business students meeting with clients regarding their projects. We even have business students engaged with a personal finance simulation that has absolutely no impact on elements of the grade book! (Defying the myth that students only work on things that are worth points!) These activities are byproducts of the mission we have at MNCAPS and the experiences my staff delivers. They have fully endorsed Dewey's statement and have trusted the process that, "learning naturally results."


MNCAPS Student, Reese Anderson, to receive the Schulz Scholarship Award.

This month we received exciting news that our 5th MNCAPS student received the Schulze Innovation Scholarship from the University of St. Thomas. Current MNCAPS Marketing Analytics Pathway and class of 2022 Farmington High School student, Reese Anderson, will receive a scholarship that pays full tuition for four years at St. Thomas, but it also grants her access to the highly competitive Schulze Innovation Program, which only admits 10 freshmen each year. This 10 person cohort is able to supplement their education at St. Thomas through additional educational experiences such as individual mentors, hands-on projects, and access to networking and internship opportunities. Additionally, when students graduate they are given access to a network of business advisors and startup capital if they decide to launch a startup.

Reese has been at MNCAPS for 2 years. She was one of our Shark Tank Winners last year in the Foundations of Business Pathway. Reese is in the Marketing Analytics Pathway (part of the Biz Mix Group) this year. We are so excited to she what she will accomplish!

This is the 4th straight year MNCAPS students have applied and the 4th year that at least one of our Business Pathways students have received the award. Reese is following in the footsteps of four MNCAPS Alumni who are currently in the Schulze Program, Leah Schuerkamp (Class of 2021), Aviral Chauhan (class of 2020), Xander Smaby (class of 2019) and Cory Kaisersatt (class of 2019). All five are standout students who engaged in many of the opportunities MNCAPS offered to learn new skills, grow their network, and develop as professionals. We are extremely proud of their accomplishments and look forward to watching their future careers unfold!

Second Semester Corporate Projects are Off and Running!

Students in the Biz Mix Pathways kicked off their corporate projects. Students from Design + Marketing, Marketing Analytics, and Professional Selling utilize all aspects of their learning and apply these concepts to their project work.


Guest Instructors and Former MNCAPPERS - Cory Kaisersatt & Xander Smaby

On Thursday, March 17th, the Foundations of Business Pathway students were joined by two MNCAPS Alumni, Xander Smaby and Cory Kaissersatt, who are currently Juniors at St. Thomas and recipients of the Schulze Scholarship which allows them a full ride to study Entrepreneurship. They spent the entire morning teaching our students some of the business concepts that they have learned about as part of their education at St. Thomas. After introducing the concept of Blue Oceans, which is all about how companies can find markets that don't have any other competitors, they walked our students through a case study on a company called Drybar, who managed to succeed due to its ability to find its own Blue Market. After analyzing the case study with our students, Cory and Xander lead an activity where students brainstormed ideas to help hotels find their own Blue Oceans in an otherwise competitive industry. The students will be able to utilize the knowledge and vocabulary gained from this session when brainstorming innovative ideas for their own Shark Tank business plans. This is the first of what we hope will be many guest instruction sessions led by our own Alumni!

Guest Instuctor Jennifer Mary-Mackey

Jennifer Mary-Mackey was back to share social media marketing misconceptions and strategies with our Foundations of Business students. Jennifer was at MNCAPS as a panelist for our Entrepreneurship Panels in both Foundations of Business and our Biz Mix pathways last month! Appreciate the time spent with our students!


Monthly ECFE Visit

Our Education Pathway Students volunteer at ECFE once a month! This month they brought multicultural picture books to share with the younger students and get some practice at lesson planning. Way to go!
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Classroom Observations

Education Pathway students each prepared a picture book lesson to share with their observation classrooms. Elementary students were excited to participate in the activities and learn about other cultures from the stories. Awesome job future educators! We can't thank the observation teacher mentors enough for these opportunities to be in the classroom and learn from experienced teaching professionals.


Guest Instructor - Jessica Steele

Healthcare Year 1 Students welcomed PL alum ‘13 Jessica Steele to share her journey and commitment to hospice care. Student learned about end of life and philosophy of care. This new found knowledge will be useful for students in their Legacy Project and resident relationships.
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HCY1 infectious disease detectives

HCY1 infectious disease detectives… students create an infectious disease poster in the first person. Peers try to determine what pathogen is aligned to each poster.
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Scott Fjelsted, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Scott Fjelsted, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), talked to Year 2 students about his career path and passion for fitness that started at a young age. He gave examples of how he evaluates and motivates his clients, and shared success stories of some of the people who he has worked with. Scott’s focus on building relationships with his clients, and helping each individual meet personal wellness and fitness goals, is advice that is great for all future healthcare professionals.

Scott then walked us across the street to Mi5 where we toured the facility, and learned about the strong focus on community among Mi5 members. Everyone at Mi5, employees and members alike, commit to “Building the Best Version of You.”

Site Visit to the Training Haus

Huge thank you to the Training Haus @thetrainingHAUS for hosting our Healthcare Year 2 crew for a tour of their facility and educating our students on the cutting edge tech they employ for training and recovery! Helps students visualize the curriculum they are leaning in Introduction to Exercise Science.

HC Y1 & Y2 Site Visit and Guest instruction

Guest Instructor - Matt Arends

Another massive thank you to PL alum Matt Arends (‘12) for sharing his journey in wellness and nutrition with both our Year 1 and Year 2 Healthcare students. Eye opener for students and staff alike!!

Matt was also on our Entrepreneur Panel for our Biz Mix students last month!

Northwestern Health Sciences University Site Visit

Thank you to Northwestern Health Sciences University for hosting our students and for the staff that spent time with our Healthcare Year 1 and Year 2 Students. Students learned about opportunities in complementary and alternative medicines.


Sample Student Questions for April

  • What role have your values played in the career choices you’ve made?
  • What are the things you most proud of in your career and life?
  • What compromises have you had to make with your values?
  • If you had gone down another career path what would it have been and why?
  • Beyond being a mentor, what kinds of community involvement activities have you been involved in?



MNCAPS Coordinator - Erik Sill

Administrative Assistant - Ann Deane

  • Education Instructors - Mike Dean, Jemma Killmer & Victoria Wright
  • Biz Mix (Design + Marketing, Marketing Analytics & Professional Selling) Instructors - Jared Jacobs, Karina Nelsen, & Jemma Killmer
  • Foundations of Business Instructors - Jared Jacobs, Karina Nelsen & Takuma Padilla
  • Medicine & Healthcare Year 1 Instructors - Scot Jaenicke, Britney Scherber & Victoria Wright
  • Medicine & Healthcare Year 2 Instructors - Scot Jaenicke & Takuma Padilla

New Student and Parents Open House for FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS Pathway

Monday, May 9th, 6-7pm

17685 Juniper Path

Lakeville, MN

New Student and Parents Open House for Design+Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Professional Selling and Education Pathways

Monday, May 9th, 7-8pm

17685 Juniper Path

Lakeville, MN

New Student and Parents Open House for Medicine & Healthcare Year 1 & 2 Pathways - Student last names A-L

Monday, May 16th, 6-7pm

17685 Juniper Path

Lakeville, MN

For students with last names starting with A - L

New Student and Parents Open House for Medicine & Healthcare Year 1 & 2 Pathways - Student last names M-Z

Monday, May 16th, 7-8pm

17685 Juniper Path

Lakeville, MN

For students with last names M - Z

New Student and Parents Open House for TRADES Pathway

Tuesday, May 24th, 6-8pm

7575 150th Street West

Savage, MN