Family/Team Physician

Christopher Seward

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Certifications Necessary to Practice

  • The Maintenance of Certification for Family Physicians (MC-FP) process

Occupation Description

  • Specializes in Family medicine.
  • Deals with patients with various conditions and backgrounds.
  • Screens patient and determines diagnosis and planning.
  • Eventually develops relationship with the doctor as the "family doctor."
  • Coordinates with other medical professionals.

Daily Activities

  • Diagnose illness
  • Treat patient as a whole (emotionally and physically.
  • Coordinate with other doctors.
  • Working to build long term relationships with patients.

Education Requirements

  • 8 Years College
  • 4 Years Pre-Medicine
  • 4 Years Medical School


  • Median Salary: $186,573
  • Range: $164,339 - $214,123
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What skills are necessary to be successful in this profession?

  • Communication Skills
  • Ability to Diagnose

Practice Settings: Where would you work?

  • Clinical Environment
  • Doctor/Patient Atmosphere

Job Outlook

  • Excellent
Family and General Practitioners Job Description