Wagner: Ride Of The Valkrie

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Richard Wagner

He lived from 1813 till 1883 and died from heart attack.

He lived in Leipzig, Germany and moved to Venice, Italy.

Richards dad died 6 months after Richard was born.

After his fathers death he lived with Ludwig Geger,

When he grew up he went to the University of Leipzig

Richards 'claim to fame' was the orchestra Die feen

Romantic Era

Wagner was apart of the Romantic era.

Romantic Era consists mainly of Woodwinds, Pianos, and violins.

Richard Wagner's operas contained many themes of the romantic era,: fantastical and mythical creatures, great turmoil, and larger than life products.


This song was in apocalypse now and exozombies.
Apocalypse Now - Ride of the Valkyries (1080p)