The Empire State Building

Tanner Hassler 8th Hour


The idea for making the Empire State Building was a competition with the Chrysler Building. The competition was who could build the tallest tower. The Empire State Building was finished May 1st,1931 after a year and 45 days of building. Although the Empire State Building won the competition, the Chrysler Building was made almost exactly a year before and was only 400 feet shorter. William F. Lamb and Gregory Johnson were the architects for the Empire State Building. William and Gregory took 2 weeks to draw the architecture!
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The Empire State Building was named that, because New York's Nickname was the Empire State. Obviously they knew this "empire" would be the tallest for a long time. The Empire State Building was the World's tallest building for nearly 40 years. After the World Trade Center's Construction started. They had to let the title over. They then gained it back, after September 11 attack the Empire State Building gained its title back. The Empire State Building didn't have much significance other than to beat the Chrysler building in height. Now billions of people around the world have heard of it or seen it.