Video Killed the Radio Star

Using Video to Reach the Digital Generation

Flip It, Review It, & Repeat It Using Custom Created Media Content...

Are you a video or a radio star?

In this course you will learn how video can be used to reinforce student learning. Discover how video can be used: to flip instruction, for review of concepts, or as a means of repeating commonly given direction(s). Whether you are creating content for student consumption or looking for a lesson that engages students in creation, this course will help you develop the skills necessary to capture and create video content for a variety of purposes. Up your SAMR and find out how video infused learning can make the difference in your classroom!

Resources covered in the class will include:

Topics discussed in class:

  • Flipped learning (plus/delta)
  • Video as a tool for review
  • Simplifying repeated instruction
  • Supporting curriculum with video
  • Engaging learners in creation of content
  • Projects for students
  • Movie Maker, Photo Story, iPads, & Simple Transfer

HEB Instructional Technology Mission:

The HEB IT department will strengthen student achievement through highly-effective instruction for all district personnel by providing resources and support necessary for successful technology integration at all levels.