A New Life for the Pilgrims

By: Caleigh Meyer


Pilgrims were amazing people. Strong, smart, and especially courteous people having to be challenged to persevere through rough conditions. Because of the conditions the Pilgrims were living in before their journey, they asked their "government" to give them ships for their journey. One of the ships was the Marvelous Mayflower. After they had life on the ocean, they really wanted to avoid the Natives. Only until they met 2 people who made them want to say "Hello," to the Natives. The Natives turned out to be better people than the the Pilgrims thought. They helped with fishing, planting, and most importantly, surviving in general. This lead them to want to give the Natives nice Thanksgiving Harvests. These amazing people had a lot more to be noticed for, but these are the most important events in the Pilgrims lives, in my opinion. Their journey is truly extraordinary and I personally love learning about them.

The Marvelous Mayflower

Being pressured to move to another city is hard, but could you imagine being pressured to move to a whole new part of the world! In 1620, the Pilgrims were basically forced to move to a new part of the world. They were forced to take low-paying jobs and there were threats from Spain that they were going to attack Holland, the place where the Pilgrims lived before their journey. Also their "government" actually encouraged them to move to a new part of the world. So, the Pilgrims asked their "government" to give them ships for their upcoming journey. They didn't give them one ship, but two. The ship that is known throughout history is the Mayflower. But the ship most people forgot about was the Speedwell. The Speedwell was the cargo ship for their journey. The Mayflower was also built as a cargo ship. The Mayflower was very astronomical in size because it was sixty feet long and thirty feet wide. The cargo capacity of the Mayflower was estimated at one-hundred eighty tons. The conditions of the inside were uncomfortably cramped and there was no privacy. The Mayflower went out on the ocean, crossing seas. For a few months living on the boat, they were suffering through the conditions of the ship. Fifty two Pilgrims survived. But the Natives are going to hurt them, or will they?

"Hello," to the Natives

The beginning of their life in the "New World" was hardship. Also coming in contact with the Natives was their biggest fear. But this all changed on the morning of 3/16/1621. The Pilgrims were doing their daily chores until an Indian boldly walked up to them. This Indian's name was Samoset. He surprisingly greeted them in English and told the Pilgrims stories about the Great Plague that wiped out the Native population. Then Samoset introduced them to Squanto. Squanto was a big difference in the Pilgrims lives. Squanto was a member of the Wampanoag tribe. He learned English due to being taken away from his family by sailors when he was little. Squanto helped the Pilgrims talk to the Wampanoag people. They signed a peace treaty to keep each other from harm. Squanto became a generous teacher. He taught the Pilgrims to fish, plant corn, and get ready for long winters. The Pilgrims finally had enough food to last them all winter. They needed to thank the Natives and God for helping them survive. Let's give a harvest!

Thanksgiving Harvests

The Thanksgiving harvests were a way to give thanks to god and the Natives after a long year of sickness and suffering. This was also an outburst of joy and gratitude. Squanto made this all possible. Helping them get food and corn. The Pilgrims invited the Wampanoag people to join them in their harvest. The first Thanksgiving lasted three days. They gave prayers of thanks to god and ate a lot of food, especially corn! The second Thanksgiving was three years later in July. This is when a ship loaded with provisions landed in Plymouth.


The Pilgrims had a lot more of crazy events happen in their lives. Especially the events with Squanto. But I do think these are very important events in the Pilgrims lives. The Marvelous Mayflower was what got the Pilgrims across oceans. Moving along strongly along with the Speedwell. Finally getting off the boat was an accomplishment to the Pilgrims. They loved saying "Hello," to the Natives. The Thanksgiving harvest was a great idea! The Pilgrims and the Natives loved it. Little did they know, that Thanksgiving would be a long held tradition throughout centuries. The Pilgrims did a lot for our world. Also Squanto, Samoset, and even their "government" did a lot. If they hadn't encouraged the Pilgrims to go to a "New World," Thanksgiving wouldn't of ever happened.


Encourage- To make someone or something more determined, hopeful, or confident.

Extraordinary- Very unusual; exceptional; remarkable.

Greet- To address in a friendly way.

Hardship- A cause of suffering and difficulty.

Marvelous- Causing wonder or astonishment.

Pressured- The exertion of force upon something or someone by something or someone.

Provisions- Providing for a particular matter.


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