3rd Grade News

Ridgeview Elementary

Week of Sept. 22-26, 2014

Learn Fractions the easy way
Kid Snippets: "Math Class" (Imagined by Kids)

What We Are Learning


- Fractions


- Plot and Summary of a story

- Suffixes -er and -est


- Imaginary Story

- Predicates and compound sentences


- Long "i" words


- Mixtures and Solutions

Social Studies:

- Continued Map Skills

- Constitution

Important Grading Information About Spelling

As a grade level, teachers will be keeping a record of students' weekly spelling test grades and then average the first 5 weeks together. This grade will be entered into the gradebook as a formative grade for the first 5 weeks. The 6th week of each 6 weeks will always be a review of the previous 5 weeks. This spelling grade will then be considered their summative spelling grade for the 6 weeks. Overall, each 6 weeks we will have 1 formative spelling grade and 1 summative spelling grade.

Spelling Words for the Week

On Level List























Challenge List

Challenge List























Watch Dog Dad Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 23rd, 5:30-6pm

1601 Marshal Ridge Dr

Keller, TX

Come join us to eat some pizza and learn about the Watch Dog Dad Program! We would love all fathers or male role models to be able to join us this night! Please send the form back stating that you can come as soon as possible.

Ridgeview PTA - Reflections program- Theme: "The World will be a better Place if ... "

Friday, Oct. 24th, 8am

1601 Marshal Ridge Dr

Keller, TX

Ridgeview PTA is proud to sponsor the PTA Reflections program for our students this year. There are 6 different categories that your student will be able to choose from. We will host our own Reflections show during the week of Nov. 3rd and then our winners will go on to compete in the KISD district competition. District winners go on to compete at a State level and then the National PTA Reflections show.

Please check out more information and specific flyers on the PTA website.

Please contact Courtney Auten @ courtneyauten@gmail.com with any questions.

Important Dates

Sept. 23rd
  • Assembly- Fun Run Kick-off
  • Watch Dog Dad Pizza and Kick-off @ 5:30

Sept. 25th

  • Running Club begins

Oct. 2nd

  • RES Fun Run- 3rd grade at 10:45

Oct. 3rd

  • Early Release @ 12 PM
  • End of first grading period

Oct. 7th

  • Spring Creek BBQ Night
  • Fall Pictures

Calling All Rockin' Rattlers

Rockin’ Rattlers

Calling all 3rd and 4th graders:

If you love to sing and perform, you will love Rockin’ Rattlers! Rockin’ Rattlers is a music performance group that sings, plays instruments, and performs several times throughout the school year. We meet from 3:00-4:00 after school on Tuesdays beginning October 7th.

Please understand that joining this group is a commitment. Attendance is taken at every rehearsal. Students that miss twice for unexcused reasons will be dismissed from the group. Absences must be communicated to Mrs. Surface beforehand in the form of e-mail, written note or phone call from parents. Absence from a performance will also result in dismissal.

Students wishing to be a member of Rockin’ Rattlers must pass all classes, per UIL rules, and have good conduct in all classes to be eligible. Good behavior is a requirement for choir members during rehearsals and performances.

Every Tuesday, Rockin’ Rattlers will be released from their classroom at 3:00 and will go to the music room. At 4:00, students will be dismissed from the music room in the front(upper driveway) of the school. Please pick up your child promptly at 4:00p.m. each week. Students not picked up in a timely manner will be subject to dismissal as well.

All Rockin’ Rattlers will need a performance shirt, design above. We will wear these for performances to look uniformed. If your child already has this shirt from a previous year, no need to purchase a new one. I will send out a separate order form with pricing for the shirt in October. Also, this year we will compete at a contest (at a super-fun venue). The price of the contest will be about $21 per child. I will send more information home about that once the dates and plans have been finalized. Donations for the contest and shirt will be taken at a later date.

Please fill out the bottom portion or ask your teacher for a copy of the form. Return to Mrs. Surface by Sept 30th to reserve your spot in Rockin’ Rattlers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Courtney.Surface@kellerisd.net

Thank you,

Mrs. Surface, music teacher


I, ______________________________, want to be in Rockin’ Rattlers! I understand that I must attend rehearsals and performances, and be on my best behavior when we are meeting as a group. I have also read the eligibility requirements and can abide by those as well.

Student signature________________________ Parent signature ________________________

Teacher______________ parent cell number_______________ parent email________________

Please tell me how your child will get home from choir each week _______________________________ (car rider, walker, etc).


Important Information

The Apex Fun Run is coming to our school on September 23rd!

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support of Ridgeview Elementary and the investments you make in your children’s lives. We are so excited to introduce you to this semester’s only major fundraiser, the Apex Fun Run! The Apex Fun Run will last for 2 weeks and will kick off with a Pep Rally on Tuesday, September 23rd at 2:00pm.

Please look for your child’s Pledge Kit that they will receive on that day. We will have emails coming from your teachers. Please feel free to visit www.apexfunrun.com/countdown-pep-rally?schoolid=431341 to hear about this interactive program that helps schools all over the country raise money, while promoting leadership and fitness in the classes. This year's character theme is Apex Extreme, where students will join the Apex team in a nationwide Extreme Race to learn what it means to become an Extreme Leader:

o Find Your Strengths! Identify strengths in you and also those around you.

o Be Brave! Doing what’s right with all your might.

o Stick Together! Working as a team makes you stronger. Never leave anyone out.

o Go Big! Go above and beyond what is expected of you in everything you do.

o Say Thanks! Be grateful and thank those around you.

During the Apex Fun Run, students are challenged to get pledges for the laps they will run on Thursday, October 2nd to help our school. Students will run for 30 minutes and average 26-36 laps, with the maximum amount of laps being 36 (each lap is 1/16th of a mile). Sponsors can pledge $1, $2, $5 per lap or any other amount for each lap students run. All students will receive an access code that allows you to enter pledges online. Funds raised this year will be going to the school to pay for Technology Updates and Outdoor Improvements!

The Apex Fun Run is for every student regardless of financial giving. All students will receive Apex wrist bands, Apex race-day jerseys, team awards and participate in the Fun Run itself. We invite all parents to come to the Apex Fun Run and share in this great event! The times for the Apex Fun Run are as follows:

· Fun Run 1: Thursday, October 2 @ 8:45am for Kindergarten

· Fun Run 2: Thursday, October 2 @ 9:45am for Grades 1 & 2

· Fun Run 2: Thursday, October 2 @ 10:45am for Grades 3 & 4

You can help our school be successful in the following four ways:

· Help connect your child to potential sponsors (family/friends) to acquire pledges.

· Ask your child about the “Apex Extreme” character lessons, and download the “Apex Fun Run” App!

· Come to the Apex Fun Run and don’t forget to invite others to attend our fun-filled community event on our field.

· Help volunteer for the race! We need a few parents to help cheer on students and mark laps. If you would like to volunteer for your student’s race, please contact Becca Boneau at rebeccaboneau@verizon.net

Thank you again for your continued support—we are so excited to begin this journey with you!


Becky Wilder -Principal

Kauy Wehe- Ridgeview PTA

A note from library

In library this week we have been talking about the Bluebonnet award and watching book trailers of the nominees. This is an OPTIONAL program for students in grades 3 and 4 but I am highly recommending it. Students across the state get a chance to vote for the ONE Bluebonnet book they think is the best and our students votes will be added in to those across the state. The catch is that they have to read AT LEAST 5 in order to vote. I am giving the students a self-tracking form that they need to fill out as they read the books in order to prove to me they read the books. I’ll be reading some in the library as well. Students have until mid-January to read these books.


Sarah Hibbitts


Our First Field Trip is Coming!

Dear Third Grade Parents,

I am pleased to make you aware of a wonderful opportunity that was made available for every third grade student in Keller ISD. We have arranged for all of our third graders to take a field trip to see a live theatre presentation by the Fossil Ridge High School Theatre Department. There is no cost to the students, campus or district for this trip. On this field trip our students will have the opportunity to see children’s theatre performed live by the Fossil Ridge High School Theatre students. They will witness first hand the concepts they have been learning about in their theatre, art, music, and language arts classes. This is truly a valuable experience for your child and one that we feel honored to be able to provide this year.

This year’s play will be SHREK: The Musical. Your school’s field trip is scheduled on Tuesday, October 7 at noon. Admission to the event is free. Due to limited seating capacity, we are asking that parents not attend this field trip unless requested to attend as a chaperone by the teacher. We will be traveling to the performance in Keller ISD school buses. Students will be picked up at Ridgeview at approximately 11:30 and will return at approximately 1:30. Good manners, participation, and respect for our hosts are an integral part of this experience. Proper school attire is appropriate for this activity.

This is an outstanding educational opportunity that we are pleased to offer your child.

Teachers will provide background and enrichment lessons to prepare the children for this exciting experience.


Kim Blann

KISD Director of Fine Arts

Ridgeview 3rd Grade Teachers!


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