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Your journey through the court system

If your being, or going through court for a different reason, there is a sequence of events that will be used the whole time. Its your job to know your part as the defendant or the plaintiff. You will first be getting a complaint, telling you that a lawsuit has been brought, some after getting the complaint you will be getting a summons which is telling you when to show up in court. There will be a pretrial conference to discus everything. A pleading would be when the complaint and the answer combined in a civil case.When in trial, or in the court room don't be surprised if they cant come to a verdict a decision, there will be a mediation or an arbitration with a third party entering. If we are having a civil case preponderance of evidence is required.If there is any reason to believe something went wrong they appeal it to a higher court.
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The picture above is when we give speeches at other events are lawsuits and such. (Madison Adams)