Marc Siegel Miami

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Essential Spa Features

When you are looking for the best spa experience to relax and rejuvenate, you want to find the spa with the best spa features. All spas have features such as relaxation pools and steam rooms, but all of the best spas have a wide variety of features to serve all clients with whatever kind of relaxation activity they need. Here are some of the spa features that all spa connoisseurs know to look for:

• Massage. An obvious choice for all spa goers, a treatment with a certified massage therapist is an excellent way to get all of your soreness worked out and relax for hard working adults.

• Facials. Exfoliate your pores and refresh your skin with a professional facial. Surprisingly, not all spas have certified estheticians on hand at all times, so check for availability of this feature.

• Body Scrubs/Wraps. Mostly ubiquitous at all spas, body scrubs and wraps are essential to the ultimate spa experience. Be sure to set aside some time for your skin the next time you’re in a spa.

Marc Siegel of Miami is spa expert. The developer of several spas in the Miami area, he boasts some of the best spa features in the entire state for all of his clients

New Innovations in Spa Design

Spas all over the world have constantly challenged themselves and each other with new ways to offer rest and relaxation to their customers. One of the results of this constantly evolving and competing market is new spa designs that offer new services to guests that make it easier to enjoy all of the benefits of a spa day without all of the cumbersome details like appointments with different parts of the spa and extra fees hidden throughout the spa’s policies.

One example is the new menu of spa services that are routinely offered now. Some spas turn their soaking pools and even their showers into part of the pampering experience. Many spas today give their customers a chance to soak in fresh mineral water that has been treated with nutrients that soften the skin and enhance customers’ natural glow. Spas are paying more attention to their pool and water areas to encourage their guests to soak in the nutrients and relax in some warm water with friends, loved ones, or new people. Spas are becoming more social, meaning more time for the floating and wading pools, and an increase in emphasis for public lounging and wading.

Marc Siegel of Miami owned a chain of luxury spas in the Miami area.