2011 Tsunami in Japan

Cladarion Johnson

Event Description

The tsunami started with 9 earthquakes. Which led to the tsunami that hurt more than 230,000 people. More than 18,000 died when this happened. Most people died because they drowned.

Ecological Impact

After the tsunami Japan's Meteorological agency was criticized for issuing an initial tsunami warning that underestimated the size of the wave. Japan now has a new tool that warns them when a tsunami is coming. Some people underestimated the tsunami and thought it was small as the old ones they have had. Scientist from around the world descended on Japan following the earthquake and tsunami.

Restoration Effort

Japan is still working on cleaning up after the tsunami. Some people have found radioactive water. There has been 7 nuclear meltdowns after the tsunami. Two years after the tsunami 300,000 people who lost their houses were still living in temporary houses.