Breaking News bill on legal killing

Hayden & Aaron

Purge bill

Thursday evening at approximately 7:22 pm a gentleman by the name of John Lackleman proposed a bill for legal killing, he calls this the purge. He reason behind creating this bill is because he thinks it will keep america's crime rate down to an all time low by letting people kill others legally one night a year "I feel like this could be a new beginning for america, it could bring new people, new allies, this bill will change the face america for the better" said Lackleman

Law making process

  • idea - a member of the general assembly may introduce a bill for consideration by the general assembly.
  • introduction - member of the senate or the house introduces the bill
  • Committee - bill is assigned to a committee.
  • Floor of House/Senate - legislators debate the bill, of the majority votes in favor of the bill then the bill goes to a second reading the bill then moves to a third and final reading which may include more debate.
  • Voting - if the bill is passed by one legislative body it is introduced into another house where the same process is repeated.
  • Conference Committee- If the second house amends the bill the differences between the two versions must be reconciled in a conference committee.
  • President- after a bill passes both houses a revised reflecting all changes and amendments is signed by the speaker of the house and the president pro tempore of state.
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