Wisdom from The Evergreen State

Thank you, Grandpa

My Grandpa John

My grandpa has lived in the state of Washington all of his life. As he grew up with the start of the hippy era, he has embraced the peaceful culture and rubbed it off on his family. My entire family is very free spirited in Tacoma, Washington ; and if you were to ever go there, you would notice that almost everyone lives this way too. My grandpa engraved this saying into my head, "if you're not with the one you fancy, fancy the one you're with" (along with some old songs from the Beatles and the Rocket Man). I didn't take this in the "free love" kind of way, but I always interpreted it like this; if you're not with any of the people you're usually accompanied by and have good times with, try and make good times and friends with the people you're with right now. This is how I think world peace is possible, and my grandpa is the one that proved it to me. I have made friends with all different types of people by living with what my grandpa has said to me. It doesn't matter if you're mentally slow, physically incapable of certain things, if you're from a foreign descent, or even a different race, I more than likely can make good friends with you. I have made a great amount friends during my high school experience, which made high school for me, all the better.

This is all thanks to my Grandpa John.