It's Bad

What it is

Fraud is intentional deception for gain. The people that make fraud want to trick so they can get money, your personal information, ect. Phishing/Smishing is when someone will send out hundreds of emails or texts message hoping that people will click on it or fall for it and then they can get personal gain. Retail or action fraud will trick you into buying something on the internet and then you won't actually get what you bought. Then at work at home it will give you quick money options that you can do when you are at home, these people will steal your personal information, or it will make it so you won't actually get money.

What it Looks Like

As said it will most likely look like a email or text, some form of action site, or a at home working site.

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How to avoid

The most important way that you can avoid scam is by never ever replying to emails of people or things that you are not 100% you know are safe. Also if anything seems like it is to good to be true on the internet it usually is.

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