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Choosing Your Classes

All of you will be choosing your classes for next year soon. It is important to start planning your career path now so you are taking the right classes. College admission requirements aren't always the same as high school graduation requirements and different types of schools have different requirements (technical, 2 year, 4 year). Your TRIO Talent Search Advisor will discuss the differences with you during one of their visits. To find out more about college requirements and programs offered, you can check out these websites:

If you aren't sure what type of college is right for you, check out the charts below. You will find examples, degree programs, average cost, pros and cons of technical, two year and four year colleges.

What is Rigor?

It is important to take challenging courses in high school to prepare you for academics in college. A rigorous curriculum includes 4 credits of English, 3 credits of social studies, 3 credits of math (including advanced algebra like Algebra II or higher), 3 credits of science (with at least 2 credits of Biology, Physics, or Chemistry) and 1 credit of foreign language. By taking these courses, you will be a stronger college applicant and more likely to be admitted to college, be better prepared for life after high school and have more options available to you. It will also make you a better person! Watch the video below to hear what admission directors have to say about taking tough classes.
Taking Tough Classes

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