Garrett Morgan

African American inventor

Garrett Morgan birth/death & early life

Born~ March 4th 1877

Died~ July 27 1963

Garrett Morgan was born in Paris,KY. He was an African American inventor that had brought three contribution inventions in this world. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. John and Elizabeth Morgan. Garrett Morgan's education was kept on a Minimum, only cause all he only had elementary school, So he moved to Ohio to get a more better education. Thats what did it , he was very smart and willing to change the world with his actions and development. So he finally started his career working as a sewing machine mechanic and went on from there.

Professional Life

All started in Cleveland 1909, when he began working as a sewing machine mechanic then went on starting his professional life. Morgan's purpose/mission was to inspire and help other peoples life. He wanted to encourage peoples passion to pursuit.

Abstact of Garrett Morgan

Garrett Morgan was a famous inventor and leader, born in 1877.he was he was the 7th child out of 11brothers and sisters. When 1907 came around he opened his own sewing machine so people all over can get machines or get them replaced/fixed. Garrett Morgan earned a very high recognition in what he really focus on in the many inventions he did in his life. In the 19th century being the first to being born to former slaves, Garrett Augustus Morgan was the most successful at skill at what he does. Education wise , Garrett Morgan was also very much noticed for his inbred mindset of an mechanic allowing him to manage working out problems. Taking matters in his own hands Garrett Morgan moves on at 18 to what he’s been having his mind on in the earlier years as a young entrepreneur as an African American Inventor in Cleveland Ohio. Garrett Morgan had it all figured out by owning his very own sewing repair unit and taking time for his very first invention. Garrett Morgan most productive accomplishments were his most prizable inventions. In property of the first chemical straightener, Traffic light. Garrett Morgan’s most impacted invention was the gas mask, only because it saved another person’s life, If it wasn't for Garrett Morgan. Garrett Morgan’s main purpose is to inspire and pursuit their passion in life at anything they do, Because Garrett Morgan really pays attention to what goes on around him.


Social,historical , scientific

As his Historical significance he was honored on his behalf of the traffic signal and many other inventions in his time. Garrett Morgan earned a award for his significance. Inventing the traffic signal impacted on many lives , it bring a lot of safety in the nation today. His technology made a big dent on history.

As Garrett Morgan’s scientific significance he made many more inventions in his time through college and adulthood. He made these invention make a difference and inspire our world in the future. Garrett morgan probably would've made more to change our community.

As a social significance , Garrett Morgan made the hair straightening device which made it more social because it made people have more smooth hair. By his invention , many more was to come. Right now in the present, we use this alot as our beauty source.