Law Enforcement & Police Brutality

Jordan Hall and Jordan Leatherwood's Survey Results!!!

Are you satisfied with the racial diversity of your local police department?

Most people answered "I don't know" for this question, while some answered "No", and none of our 10 survey takers entered "Yes". This displays the lack of relationship between the police and the population, and the lack of push for police officers to get to know their community, nor the citizens to learn about their police officers.

"Police have a position of power and authority. When the wrong people join this occupation, they abuse these powers and their positions of authority to do what they please based on their morals. Most police officers are truly a friend and in place to help, but some others let their power get to their heads."

Do you believe the police are too militarized?

The results of this question gave five "Yes" answers, two "No" answers, and three "I don't know" answers. Due to recent events, it's perfectly reasonable for people to believe that the police are given too much weaponry and are made into soldiers rather than officers...

Rate your level of trust towards police officers.

Most people rated their level of trust with police officers as a 3, the average among all the votes being a 3.1. One person voted "1", one voted "2", two voted "4", and one voted "5". The level of trust with police officers seems to have no correlarion with the races in this survey, as 4 black people, 3 white people, 1 American indian or Alaskan native, and two mixed races took this survey. It seems to be personal experiences that determined these answers...