paramecium caudatum

dead or alive?

Its a unicellular organism that belongs to the genus paramecium. It can be 0.25mm long and is covers in tiny hair like organelles called cilia
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crime committed

The Celia is used for eating. The pellicle is covered with cilia and has an oral groove. They eat bacteria and other small eukaryotic cells. To get food they sweep water and organisms into their mouth opening

organisms MO

It uses a spiral path while rotating on the long acid to get through the water.

hang outs

This wanted criminal organism will either be in freshwater or marine environments. They wont be on land.

be on the look out

When they are attacked they shoot out dart like things from their capsules on their underside

identifying marks

They can be identified by how many organelles they have, the contract vacuole, and the hair like organelles called cilia