Come To Texas Today!

by:Molly Ramon

Come today and live your life your way!!!! Reasons to settle Texas

You would get land to start you own farm,grants to start your business,and just a better place to live. The land is nice and fertile,perfect for farming. To get a grant you have to do two things first. You have to convert to the Catholic religion and you can't have any slaves. Moving to Texas is a great way to restart your life or it's great if you're just looking for adventure.

Come and get your land

Prices of land vary for different kinds of people. A man gets 640 acres,320 acres for his wife,160 acres for each child,and 80 acres for each slave. Land costs 12.5 cents an acre.Come to Texas to claim your land and start your life.

"300px-Wpdms_republic_of_texas-2008-19-11.svg.png" routes in texas in 1830 '

Routes that you can take

On your way to Texas there are a few trail choices that you can take. You can take the Santa Fe Trail and the Mississippi River Trail. Or you could take a ship and sail around to the Gulf of Mexico and then find some transportation to Texas.

"west-usa.jpg" routes in texas in 1830 '

Supplies you'll need to make the journey

To make the journey you will need a covered wagon and a couple of horses to pull the wagon. Take all your food,blankets to keep you warm at night,an axe to chop down trees to build your house,a gun to protect yourself,and things you'll need to make a living. If you're a farmer then you'll need to bring your animals and seeds to plant crops. If your a rancher then you'll need equipment for your cattle,horses,and other animals. Your wife needs to bring the washing bin so she can do laundry.

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Native Americans that live there

There are Indian tribes that live in the area. Some of these tribes are the Caddos,Comanche,Apache,Tonkawas,Wichitas,Kiowa,Cherokee,and Coahuiltecans. Be careful of the Indians;some of them may be friendly and some of them may not be friendly. But if you're cooporative,nice,and fair you and the Indians could be great friends.

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Physical features

In Texas there are three main rivers. They are the Rio Grande,Red River,and the Brazos River. The Guadalupe mountain ranges are in Texas.The highest point in Texas is Guadalupe Peak 8,749 feet above sea level. The bordering country is Mexico. The origin of the name Texas comes from the Caddo Indians. The Caddos called their group of tribes "tejas",which means "those who are friends."

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History to date

In mid 1519 Alonso Alvarez de Pineda mapped the Texas coastline. In 1528 Cabeza de Vaca shipwrecked on Galveston Island. In 1685 La Salle established Fort St. Louis. In 1689 Alonso de Leon planned to reestablish Spanish presence in Texas. In 1760-1789 Spain established Catholic missions in Texas;along with the towns San Antonio,Goliad,and Nacogdoches. In 1812 the Gutierrez -Magee Expedition crossed the Sabine from Louisiana in a rebel movement against Spanish rule in Texas. In 1823 Stephen F. Austin began a colony along the Brazos River.