Tornadoes are fascinating to some others terrifying


Wow think about this recored it will get you swirling and whirling just Matt Sutter . He holds a recored of being held the longest in a tornado. For the distance of 1,307 feat. And survived it.

Whats the worst that could happen.

There has bean so many disasters in tornado history. such as Joplin. Joplin is famous for the big dissaster in 2011 on May 22, this is when it all happened. It was a EF-5 at the width of 1 mile. Up to 6,954 homes where destroyed by the monster wow. Almost forgot the significant length of 22 miles. The coast of the damage ........ More than 2 BILLON. Injuries of 1,000 and deaths of 162.

How to tell witch one it is.

Did you know there are more than one type of tornado. like the original tornado is a spinning coulomb of air that thuoghes the ground. A wedge tornado looks wider than is tall, or a multivortex tornado has two or more tornadoes spinning around a center. Or there are watersprouts they form over warm water. sometimes they move over to land and become land tornadoes.

How fast how hard can it hit

You might think tornadoes are fast but they can be so destructive that they can destroy more than 1,000 homes more than 1,000 people in just one tornado. For instance the mid west states are most common for 300-400 tornadoes a year. Now lets try a speed. Traveling at the speed of 31 mph, a tornado can out speed a olympic runner. Another hit is tornado ally. Nebraska gets hit around 45 times a year, or a manger one is Texas 139 hits a year. Theres more than that though. Think about it.
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Tornadoes and other disasters might be fun to watch for some, but be careful you might just get blown away in the wild wind of the storm. I once got told it's not the painful looks on the out side but its the monsteras disaster on the inside.