School Counselor Council

Collaboration of School Counselors

School Counselors

This group will be comprised of counselors from different districts within the Intermediate Unit. There will be four meetings throughout the year that will allow counselors from various settings to collaborate, as well as receive information from the state level that may pertain to them. The main focus for this school year will be on the social/emotional well-being of not only the students they work with, but also the staff.

October 21, 2021- Addressing Social Emotional Needs

As the first day of our networking session, you will have time to get to know the other counselors from districts in our IU.

From 10:00-12:00 we will have a webinar with Steven Warner on the signs to look for in human trafficking victims. This is a growing problem in the United States and Pennsylvania, and it is becoming more frequent in families in small communities, not just children kidnapped by strangers. Mr. Warner will also share key words to listen for when talking to students that they would know from being trafficked. After you have time to reflect on the information and eat lunch, we will have time to meet with Mr. Warner again for any questions you may have, or anything else you may want to discuss with him.

The remainder of the day will be used to share out what districts are using to meet the needs of their students upon returning from a year of nontraditional education. What programs or services have been put in place to address the social and emotional needs of the students in their district, and how these programs seem to be going. We will also look at our own social and emotional needs.

December 13, 2021- School Environment and Meeting the Social/Emotional Needs of Students

During this session we will have discussions and learning around the improving the school environment and meeting the social and emotional needs of our students. Continuing from the first meeting, there will be more focus on the following topics.

  • Resources for the increase in anxiety in children
  • RtII interventions being used to target behavioral and social/emotional needs
  • Helping students overcome barriers such as ACE
  • Promoting Social and Emotional Health and Positive Behavior Initiatives
  • Integration of SEL curriculum for middle/high school (what have others found useful)
  • Individual and small groups evidence based practices
  • Mentoring Programs to benefit students
  • Transgender Students
  • Eating Disorders

February 23, 2022- Social/Emotional Needs and Career Readiness (minimal PSSA discussion)

We will begin this day with revisiting any needed topics from the previous meetings, and finishing any discussions that may have not been completed during day 2. The morning will most likely be spent on social/emotional needs of students, as this was a huge area of concern in the feedback from that was completed. We will also discuss the upcoming PSSA as needed.

Although we will address any needs remaining with social/emotional needs, the majority of this session will be spent looking at Chapter 339, Career and Future Readiness. We will learn and discuss the following topics under Chapter 339.

  • Handling and Managing these requirements
  • Artifacts- how are you collecting, efficient ways
  • Meeting Career Standards
  • College in High School

May 19, 2022- Topics Wrap Up and Looking Ahead

There were several needs expressed through the google form, and I will continue to reach out for needs of discussion among this group. This session will be focusing on the needs you have run in to throughout the year, as well as any topics that have not been covered yet in regards to social/emotional needs and Chapter 339.

We will reflect on the meetings from this year, and decide if this is something we want to continue next year. We can discuss meeting formats, frequency, etc. if we decide to continue.