School Improvement Plan

Blended Learning

Blended Learning Implementation Plan

Blended learning will be implemented using three class structures:
  • Lab rotation
  • Rotation
  • Reach

3 types of delivery

  • Lab rotation: Classes rotate through the computer labs to utilize technology. At CHS, we also have mobile labs that will rotate through classrooms to allow flexibility for students and teachers.
  • Rotation: Within a classroom, the teacher creates and facilitates varied learning experiences. For example, the class may be divided into small groups, with group 1 working on a specific discussion topic with the teacher serving as a facilitator, group 2 is working on an independent activity to enhance their knowledge of the discussion topic using a device, while group 3 is working on a collaborative project to produce a product based on what they have learned. Based on student performance throughout each activity, the teacher can adjust the class offerings and personalize a learning plan to help each student. (Honors Calculus, Honors Earth and Environmental Science, and Sociology.)
  • Reach: With this model, students have even more control and flexibility within their class. Students meet both face to face and online virtually with the teacher. Students determine when they work on content, and based on performance and analysis, the instructor modifies material. Students are not required to attend face to face class meetings daily, but always have access to the instructor via email, class websites, or by phone. (Honors Chemistry.)