Cyberbullying and Online Safety

What you can do to keep kids safe

Why is online safety so important?

The internet is often a great resource for children, but there are instances when it can cause more harm than good. Children may stumble across a website that is inappropriate for their age, put out personal information, or even expose themselves to cyberbullying. is a great resource that has all the information on the basics of online safety, as well as how the web affects different age groups!

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What is Cyberbulying?

Cyberbullying is the act of one or more individuals using technology to deliberatel hurt another.

Some examples include:

  • Sending hurtful texts or emails
  • Harassing another individual over the phone
  • Posting embarrassing videos or pictures on the internet

For more information, you can use

How can you make sure you child is safely using the internet?


  • You should introduce the topic by asking them what they know about online safety.
  • Always use simple language that will not confuse or scare them. Tell them the benefits of using the internet, and show them that if used properly, it can be a great resource!
  • Ask them what they think they should do to stay safe.
  • Work with them to create your own list of rules for using the computer Is a great website that gives information on how to talk to kids about how to talk to children about online safety.

Set rules!

Some examples of rules could include:

  • Never give your password out to anyone
  • Do not put your name, age, or address,, or phone number online
  • Pre-bookmark a list of approved websites. Have your child only use those websites.
  • If your child wants to use another website or download content, they must ask for permission

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Discuss cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a touchy subject, and can often be difficult to talk to young children about. Nevertheless, it is critical that they start becoming aware of cyberbullying at a young age so they can know what not to do. Some key points to talk about include:

  • What is cyberbulling and why is it bad?
  • How does it happen? How can it be prevented?
  • What should your child do if they or a friend become victims of an attack?
  • What can your child do to make sure that they are not hurting anyone else?
  • What kinds of behaviors are acceptable, and what is not?
Check out for more information on how to talk to your kids about cyberbullying.


If you feel that it is necessary, use a website that blocks or monitors you child's online activity. See this post from Ed Tech Review for a list of good resources for parents
Internet Safety for Kids K-3