Bone Marrow Donor Registry Drive

The cure for blood cancer looks exactly like you

Marrow Donor Registry Drive

Join the Be The Match Registry.

Marrow donors in your community are urgently needed to save the lives of patients with diseases like leukemia, lymphoma or sickle cell anemia.

Patients are most likely to match someone who shares their ethnic background

  • It's free
  • have to be 18-44
  • all you do is register then swab your cheek

Bone Marrow Registry

Friday, Nov. 22nd, 9am-2pm

1800 Box Road

Columbus, GA

Complete a registration form and swab the inside of your cheek to get tested and added to the registry.

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Before you donate

Steps leading to donation

There are several steps in the process of either peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) or bone marrow donation. These steps ensure that donation is safe for you and the patient.

1. Update your health information

You will be asked to confirm your commitment to donate, and complete a thorough health questionnaire.

2. Participate in an information session

We will speak with you about the two methods of donation: marrow or PBSC, their possible risks and potential side effects. This 90- minute session is designed to fully inform you about donation. You will have many opportunities to ask questions and will be asked if you’re willing to proceed with the donation.

3. Sign a consent form

If you agree to donate, you will be asked to confirm your decision by signing a consent to donate form.

4. Undergo a physical exam

You will have a physical exam to see if donating would pose any risk to you or the patient.

5. Give blood samples

Before you donate you will be asked to give several blood samples. This is usually done in two to four appointments. These will be scheduled by your donor center.

6. Donate

After the above steps are completed successfully, you will proceed with donating peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) or bone marrow.

View You’re a match: A donor’s online guide to donation for more information about the donation process

You may be asked to travel for the donation or for any of the steps in the donation process. Approximately 30% of donors either travel by air or require a hotel stay. Most travel expenses are covered by Be The Match. All medical expenses related to your donation are also covered.

Your commitment could be someone’s cure

Becoming a bone marrow donor is a serious commitment. Be The Match will guide you through the donation process every step of the way – from scheduling your information session and physical exam to providing answers to all of your questions as you move forward

Ways to donate

One way is Peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donation is a nonsurgical procedure, called apheresis. The donation takes place at an experienced blood center or outpatient hospital facility that participates in PBSC collections for Be The Match®.

For 5 days leading up to your PBSC donation, you will be given injections of a drug called filgrastim to increase the number of blood-forming cells (also called blood stem cells) in your bloodstream.

On the day of your PBSC donation, your blood is removed through a needle in one arm and passed through a machine that will collect only the blood-forming cells. The remaining blood is returned to you through a needle in the other arm. This process is similar to what is used when donating blood platelets.

The second way is Bone marrow donation. It is a surgical procedure that takes place in a hospital operating room. Doctors use needles to withdraw liquid marrow (where the body’s blood-forming cells are made) from both sides of the back of your pelvic bone. You will be given anesthesia and feel no pain during the donation. After donation, your liquid marrow is transported to the patient’s location for transplant.

Typically, the hospital stay for marrow donation is from early morning to late afternoon, or occasionally overnight for observation. The donation will take place in a hospital that is experienced and participates in marrow collections for Be The Match®.