Business law final

Michael Sauro, brad sauro


A wrongful act or infringment on a right.



2, negligence

3, copy right

4, McDonlad's coffee injury

5, illegally downloading music

Ethics and morals

Ethics: the rules followed by a certain class of working people.

Morals: principals or habits with respect to right or wrong conduct.


1, not embesilling money.

2, not paying off stock brokers.

3, mark zucherberg stealing intellectual property.

4, Enron lieing about there profits.

5, Stratton oakmont from the wolf of Wall Street


A mutual agreement between 2 parties where they enter a binding agreement.


1, real Estate contract

2, loan contracts.

3, cell phone contracts

Court system

There are two types of courts state courts and federal courts.

State courts: courts that handle smaller cases such as theft and drug possession.

Federal courts: courts that handle major cases such as murder smaller cases can be brought before he federal courts if an appeal is placed.

Both courts have attorneys that defend and prosecute. The judge keeps order and sentences the convicted. The jury decides if the dependent is found guilty or innocent. The jury is made up of normal working class people.

Court cases


1, Miranda vs Arizona

Miranda won

2, mapp vs Ohio

Mapp won he was set free

3, New York vs quarles

Illegal evidence was presented quarles won.

4, New Jersey vs T.L.O

Says that schools can search there students. New Jersey won.

5,Riley vs Florida

The court decided that the helicopper survalence was illegal because they didn't have a warrant. Riley won.


A contract is a mutual binding agreement where 2 parties sign an agreement.

-express contracts

-Contact under seal

-Express contracts

-Implied contracts


Legal right that grants the original creator of an idea rights to that product.


Set of exclusive legal rights for a limited amounts of time for full disclosure of the product.

Criminal Rights

All criminals have constitutional rights that grant them freedom and rights.

-Criminal protected from 2nd trial after proven innocent

-Speedy and fair trial

-no excessive bail or fines