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Sunday, September 18th


This past week students finally finished up their review of the Latin I material. Hopefully they are having an easy time remembering all the conjugations and declension, and the endings that go along with them. I have been encouraging students to email/text me with any questions about the material. I have gotten a lot of responses. Hopefully I have been able to help them through the handouts, links, and announcements I have been doing everyday.

This next week students will begin working on the material form Unit 2. They will stay in this unit for 2 weeks. Because this is the first unit with new material, I will quickly explain how each unit is broken down. Students will first need to familiarize themselves with the new vocabulary. I will be providing study aids to help them learn this. Next students will focus on the new grammar. For this unit students will be learning about passive voice. They will have assessments that test their knowledge of this content. Then students have reading comprehension. Students will read stories and answer questions based on the them. The reading comprehension assessment asks students to answer questions using the Latin from the stories- they must then translate that Latin. Finally, students will learn about Roman culture and take an assessment on it.

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Unit 2 Grammar- Passive

Passive Voice- Present, Imperfect, and Future

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