The War of 1812

A students perspective upon The War of 1812

The British Perspective

The British has a negative perspective on the War of 1812. The first six months of the war had a equal amount of failure and success on each side, but mostly failure on the British side. British warships stopped American Merchant ship from trading which led to most of the issues in the war. British toke control of the land during the war. The year after the Treaty of Ghent was in affect the British on January 8,1815 made a major attack on New Orleans.

American Perspective

The Americans had a positive perspective on the war because of all the success on in the war. The Americans declared war on Britain in June 18,1812 which led to a lot of issue upon the battle against the British. The Americans got out from the war was a lot of victories and "The Star Spangled Banner." The Capital building and the White House was burned down by the British which led the Americans to be brave over the war. They fought to prove themselves that they were a united nation that doesn't need the British control anymore.
The War of 1812 - Crash Course US History #11