FCS Weekly Update


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Update on what students are learning.

Message from our teachers.

Progress Reports...

Save the Dates!

Article from our students on club day!

Special Interest Article.

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Who am I?

Students present today (9/16) on the first part of their Who are We project. Step one of this unit has helped students to identify the values, beliefs, goals and personal attributes that make them uniquely them, which is why they are presenting, "Who am I?". How do we tie learning and state standards to that?

Science: Students are investigating genetics, the traits that they or other things they love around them (dogs, cats, snakes) have inherited from their parents.

Math: Students are also investigating fractions, decimals, ratios, rational and irrational numbers to build a timeline of important events that occurred that helped shape who they are as people.

History: Students are investigating cultural expression, maybe the music we love or what we connect with is really part of an ancient civilization.

Language Arts: Students are reading Milkweed and discussing identity to find out more about themselves.

Students will next (beginning 9/19/16) broaden their horizons to investigate how all of the special characteristics of their classmates make us uniquely FCS.

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A Message from FCS Staff...

As our scholars work to adjust to life at FCS, so are we as teachers. As we tell our scholars learning from design failure and reengineering is how we improve. To the point, the roll out of the first project was a learning process and not done as well as it should have been done and for that, we apologize. The rubric and the exact date due should have been given as we first discussed the project with the students, we have learned and have already set in motion a better second project roll out.

Thank you for entrusting your students to us and for engaging with us in this learning process.

FCS Staff

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Monday, Sept. 19- WIN visits to MHS (students and teachers walking to visit CTE classrooms at MHS).

Tuesday, Sept 20-PICTURE DAY

Friday, Sept 30-

3:15-5:30pm DANCE (with WMMS students),

5:00-5:30pm FCS 101 (Helpful tips for parents)

5:45pm-6:45pm-FCS Community Open House (student public presentation viewing)

Monday, October 3-FCS Field Trip to Lake James for Project Kick-off!

Wednesday, October 5-8th Graders go to Safety Day at Ag Barn

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Progress Reports

Students and teachers are working on Progress Reports. These reports are a reflection of a conversation between students and teachers about where they are in the learning process. By the end of next week, students will have a completed progress report to review with you. This process provides student feedback, allows students to converse one on one with their teachers and allows them the opportunity to show evidence of their understanding through classroom activities.

If you would like to review this blank document, it can be found at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H2IwKsc8IAIxqDI4YUlNJzl6aQBAiagmWqXdT6rwYzs/edit?usp=sharing

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FCS Clubs

The Comic Book Club

by MaKayla Evans

You get to draw, color, and more.You can use your imagination, capability, and ability. To do what you love and dream of doing. The comic book club gives you a chance to draw and draw. When I went to interview them they were drawing their favorite comic book character.

Gardening Club

by Kaitlin Combs

The gardening club is based on preserving small invertebrates (insects lacking backbones).They are gonna plant flowers in the garden to attract butterflies. Their goal for the garden club is to make it a safe place for pollinators. As of right now they're pulling weeds so that the beautiful plants don't die. It's a lot of work for our students and teachers.

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Student Interest Article on Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

by Nick Skeens

A world phenomenon, not so big at FCS. Out of 27 kids we interviewed, 17 people do not play. 4 kids rated this app a five,1 a four and eight-tenths, 2 a four,1 a three, 1 a three and a half, and 1 a one.The Apple store rates this app a 3.5. And about 1.3 million people play Pokemon Go in the whole world.