The Outcome Of Ebola Lead To hunger

Help end hunger in west africa

Ebola lead to another problem...

The article "hunger is a less visible, but real side effect of Ebola" addresses the importance of suffrage people of west Africa are going through from Ebola and its results. The article uses facts to explain the starvation people are living with. Not only did this epidemic kill many people recklessly, but it is also causing a problem when it comes to food being set on the table. For instance, west Africans are known for their agriculture. Two-thirds of their population depends on farming. Ebola panic has driven farmers away, abandoning their crops and seeking to places they consider to be safer locations. This is a serious problem because without food there is no way of surviving in this world. The article indicates that since Canadians have lots of access to food, they should go out their way to help people like the west Africans who don't have much access to food that is leading to deaths every year. Another important idea from the article illustrates the level of starvation in the following countries which are Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. According to the article the global hunger index places Sierra Leone in the category as alarming. Meanwhile, Guinea and Liberia are placed as serious. More than 3 million children die annually from hidden hunger. This idea just shows the extent huger has placed in the mentioned countries and its challenges people are facing. Finally, another important idea from the article is a powerful example that proves how ungrateful and wasteful Canadians can be when it comes to food. Specifically, Canadians waste $30 billion worth of food every year. Not only do they take food for granted, but they also treat food like it is irrelevant. In conclusion, the information found in the article supports the value of a humans life. This was simply stated in the article about how Ebola lead to starvation, hunger in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea at its highest degree, and discussing why Canadians are wasteful when it comes to food. Altogether, the purpose of this article was to get countries like Canada to help stop hunger in west African countries. Also, to be informed that having food being displaced on a table is a blessing and not something to be taken an advantage of.


Responding to Hunger in the Face of Ebola