Ireland Infographic

By: Chloe Duggins

Geographic Information

Continent: Europe

Area: 32,595 sq. mi.

Climate(s): Average temperature is about 50 degrees

Arable Land/Farmable Land %: 11.9%

Capital City: Dublin

3 Largest Cities: Dublin, Cork, and Dun Laoghaire

Demographic Information

Population: 4.595 million (2013)

Population Density: 67 (2014)

Growth Rate: 0.2% annual change (2013)

% Urbanized: 2.2% (2011)

Life Expectancy w/ WR: 81.3....WR is #18

AIDS Rate w/ WR: 0.28 WR is #87

Literacy Rate: 17.9%

Languages: Irish and English

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Cultural Information

Customs and Traditions: The Christmas Day swim has been happening in Ireland for over 40 years and has become very popular to thousands of people.

Food: Goody--a dessert dish made by boiling bread in milk w/ sugar & spices. Irish Stew--a traditional stew of lamb, or mutton, potatoes, carrots, onions, and parsley. Cottage Pie--a beef & vegetable mixture with a delicate beef sauce topped w/ creamy mash potato (which has been gratinated).

Clothing: Men in Ireland are usually found wearing linen driving caps. Aran sweaters are historical in the Irish culture. Each family "clan" has its own unique stitching/pattern that is being used in the sweaters. Tweed jackets are handwoven, so they are more costly and durable. Jackets are the most popular way to wear tweed. These jackets are simple and elegant.

Recreation: Aslan is an Irish rock group from Dublin who are not very well-known outside of Ireland.

Religion: Christianity is the largest religion in the Republic of Ireland based on baptisms. Irish Christianity is dominated by the Roman Catholic Church which has 84.2% of the population as followers.

Political Information

Type of Government: Unitary State, Constitutional Republic, Parliamentary System

Freedom House Political Rights Score: 39/40

Civil Rights Score: 39/40

Press Freedom: Partly Free

Corruption Perception Index w/ WR: 75 (2015) WR is #19

Domestic/Regional Conflicts: Poverty and Inequality

Economic Information

GDP w/ WR: 232.1 billion (2013) WR is #43

Labor: Agriculture--8% Industry--29% Services--64%

Unemployment: 8.6%

% Below Poverty Line: 5.5%

Happy Planet Index w/ WR: 42.4 WR is #73