transcription services ireland

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transcription services ireland

transcription services ireland offer attorneys and law firms a wide range of benefits and customized solutions. The right service provider can ensure quality transcripts for various legal areas at affordable rates

Whatever the document to be transcribed, transcription services are available for different legal areas including personal injury, family law, clinical negligence, employment law, human rights and criminal law. They can also offer solutions for the real estate industry for recorded notes pertaining to construction and buildings, recordings of real estate deals, and more.

Secure and confidential There is no need to worry about the confidentiality of your sensitive legal documents when you entrust transcription to a professional provider. They offer secure means of file transfer such as FTP or browser-based encryption to ensure the privacy of your valuable legal files.

Files accepted in various formats To ensure quality transcripts, professional companies offer quality digital recorders and toll free numbers for receiving dictations. They accept files in various formats like digital audio, digital video, audio tape, micro cassettes, mini discs, CD/DVD, mp3, wma, wav, mpeg, mov and avi

To ensure accuracy in the transcripts, professional service providers ensure that they go through three levels of quality assurance by proofreaders, editors, and legal expert Transcription of various legal documents -Solutions are available for all sorts of legal documents including memorandum letters, legal pleadings, reports, briefs, wire tap, depositions, hearings, court proceedings, client letters, and much more.

Fast turnaround time You can obtain legal transcription services within the desired time frame by entrusting the job to a professional company.Save Expenses - Many established firms can offer service at competitive pricings. By outsourcing the job, you can also save the expenses that would have been needed to do it in-house.Reduce backlog - You can manage your documentation processes more efficiently and minimize backlogs by entrusting them to a reliable service provider.