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March 27, 2020

The Pandemic Across the Globe: Coronavirus

A month ago, COVID-19 was just a virus in China that was made fun of due to its name, but now it's left Americans inside their homes stocked up on toilet paper and groceries. The pandemic has caused schools to shut down and switch to online learning for social distancing. The virus has had such widespread effects that not one story could cover the local, state, national, and worldwide levels. With all that time stuck at home, why not take a gander at the stories OwlFeed has been working hard on. Without further ado, here is OwlFeed's newest newsletter informing you, entertaining you, and letting you know how we, the students, are feeling during this time.

-Lauren Mitchell, Editor-In-Chief

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By: Lauren Mitchell

Starting March 18th, Agua Fria initiated their online learning using platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts for lectures and Q&A time. Teachers, especially now, have utilized their Google Classrooms with daily posts for attendance and assignments. This has been a drastic change for students and teachers who are habituated to their physical classrooms and those learning routines.

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By: Franklin Reyes

Although these times of the coronavirus are tough, here is some information about the vaccine and when it will be safe to use. The virus would continue to spread until a vaccine is found and during these times there may be another wave.

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Lifestyle: 51 Things to do While You're Social Distancing

By: Bella Tarzia

Welcome to Corona Virus 101, we're going to start off with social distancing. It’s quite simple you see, you stay home, only leaving for food and work, and of course, only if your job is still open that is. You DISTANCE yourself from the public to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Wrong. There are only so many hours you can scroll through social media, so I have come up with a list of things you can do to pass the time.

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By: Carlos Johnson

As we are continuing to wash our hands, practice social distancing and learn from home for who knows how much longer, I have come to the realization that everything I once had was taken for granted. As social distancing is still highly necessary to practice in the United States, so many of the small things in life that we had are suddenly being taken away.

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By: Samantha Lopez

For some this was their only sport of the year. For others it was their last sport of their high school years. As COVID-19 puts a pause on school that means there is a pause on all spring sports as well.

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