What is your favorite TV program?

We like Life, PRISON BREAK, CSI. Im Dong Seon likes PRISON BREAK because he really likes Wentworth Miller. Park Kyung Min likes CSI because he likes mystery drama.

Zac Efron on CSI Miami

What newspapers and magazines do you read?

We like to read our news on the internet. We also like to read many magazines. like FORTUNE, TIME and ELLE. Im Dong Seon likes to see fashion in ELLE. Park Kyung Min loves to read issue in FORTUNE.

엘르아웃도어 HD WOMAN15

Which game show do you like the best? why?

Wipeout Compilation | HD

We really like the WIPE OUT. because KOREA has a similar program. This program is a fun and thrilling.

What commercials do you like and hate the most?

We really like Food commercials. We do not like advertising a car accident. Im Dong Seon like a hamburger. Park Kyung Min afraid of the traffic accident.

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공익광고19(해외 교통사고 공익광고)

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